Using the Wellness Essentials Program to Maximize your Business

The Wellness Essentials Program is one of the best things we’ve done at doTERRA in a long time, and we want to tell you why. Not only is it created with three unique collections (Support, Soothe, and Calm) that empower habits of success in your wellness goals, but it was also designed to carry you and your team to new heights with an effortless way to strategize business building. 

The mission of doTERRA is to better lives, which is why we offer the highest-quality products and the opportunity for anyone to create their own business. The Wellness Essentials Program combines those goals into a single powerful toolbox. We thought we’d take this chance to throw it wide open and show you exactly how this incredible resource can transform your doTERRA business, and the lives of those you share it with.

Customer Retention
As a Wellness Advocate, we know you’re not just interested in enrolling potential customers—you also want to retain them. The Wellness Essentials Program was designed with this in mind. 
Simplify the conversation about which products to use when your new enrollee is just getting started. The program offers a balanced introduction of products to address different areas of wellness across their first three months, so they can experience a wide but targeted sampling of doTERRA products. Better yet, we’ve provided you with educational tools that will support and empower them to put their products to good use, even long after their first 90 days. 
  • Educational Videos: Sometimes, its nice to have a visual. These videos introduce customers to the Wellness Essentials Program and provide detailed use suggestions for each collection. Find them here.
  • Welcome to Wellness Interactive eBook: This online, interactive booklet comes with each purchase of the Wellness Essentials Program and was created to help customers build healthy habits, meet their wellness goals, and see firsthand how their products transform their routines.  
  • Landing Pages: These educational web pages provide information and product training on each collection, and can be found by scanning the QR code on each collection sleeve. 
By the end of the Wellness Essentials Program, your new customers and team members will be confident in their essential oil knowledge and ready to expand their lifestyle of wellness. And if they loved their experience (and we think they will) they can always repeat it! 

The Loyalty Reward Program (LRP)
The Loyalty Rewards Program can be intimidating to new members. The Wellness Essentials Program provides a seamless introductory experience to the LRP so you can help them earn rewards while you simultaneously build toward your team business goals.  
  • The 90-day Wellness Essentials Program gives new enrollees an effortless first experience with monthly auto-ships. Simply explain how they can adjust the customize-and-save benefit of the Wellness Essentials Program and add additional products in their Loyalty Order each month! 
  • You can help new enrollees add the Wellness Essentials Program to their LRP as soon as they get enrolled, so their first Wellness collection is delivered the very next month.
  • The Wellness Essentials Program sets every Loyalty Order well above 50 PV, so they can start earning points immediately! By the end of their first three months on the LRP, they’ll have at least 30 points to redeem—new Lemon oils, Lavender oils, and more await!
Rewards and Compensation 
Helping your enrollees build their LRP with the Wellness Essentials Program sets them well within reach of 100 PV. Just help them add another product or two to their Loyalty Order, and they’ll be set for success! We love this for two major reasons: 
  1. If they’re interested in business building, they can start earning commissions immediately! (As a bonus, if they want just a few products more to reach 125PV, they’ll also easily qualify for the Product of the Month.)
  2. Of course, success for them means success for you. Boosting their template to 100 PV can help you reach your Power of 3 bonus goals while simultaneously helping them earn rewards. Again, if they’re interested in business building, encourage them to set up their own enrollees’ Loyalty Orders in the same way so the whole team succeeds! 

Take the Journey 
Whether you’re an essential oils pro or new at this yourself, the Wellness Essentials Program is made to benefit you. Get hands-on experience with each collection and access every resource. Build your own knowledge and expertise in the Wellness Essentials Program so you can share and coach with confidence. 

Share and Educate
With the purchase of the Wellness Essentials Program you have access to web pages, videos, and the Welcome to Wellness interactive eBook. These resources are designed for you as much as they are for your enrollees. Each one is meant to support you in your efforts to educate and excite your enrollees and help train them on how to use their new products. When you know these resources inside and out, you’ll build trust with your team and be equipped to help them create consistent, healthy habits that will transform their lifestyle with naturally sourced products.

Be Involved
We built tools to help you succeed, but there is no greater resource than you. Your mentorship and guidance will build confidence in the program and inspire others to take their journey with doTERRA to its greatest limits. Here are a few ways you can use the Wellness Essentials Program in your team building practices: 
  • Fill out the Welcome to Wellness interactive eBook alongside them as a mentoring exercise or offer to follow up with them about their experience after they’ve completed it on their own. 
  • Offer to be their check-in partner while they take their wellness journey, and beyond.  
  • Touch base with them weekly and find out how their experience is going. Have discussions about their goals and perspectives and provide encouragement or additional education. 
  • Discuss their favorite products in every collection and help connect them with additional products to include in their future orders to further customize their doTERRA experience. 
  • Hold individual or team trainings on the products and habits of each collection to reinforce the program education in the eBook and respond to individual questions. 

Once you’ve walked them through their own experience, empower your team members to share it with their own enrollees.  This is one of the key qualities that makes the Wellness Essentials Program so important. Anyone can use it to become the expert, mentor, and best version of themselves, and grow their own business while bettering the lives of others.

At the end of the day, the Wellness Essentials Program is designed to be three things: accessible to anyone, repeatable, and shareable. However, you are the key to making that design a reality. 
When you have both the tools and the confidence to inspire others, nothing stands between you and achieving your lifestyle of wellness. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and keep making the doTERRA difference! 

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