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Products on Sale Friday 5 March

Women around the globe collectively take part in bringing our beautiful products to the world.

This month, in line with International Women’s Day, we’d like to celebrate women. With this in mind, we have an exciting promotion where you have the chance to purchase these beautiful products that have been sourced from around the world and also learn about their amazing stories.

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White Grapefruit essential oil 5mL

White Grapefruit’s name comes from the colour of its white peel but shares similar characteristics of other grapefruit varieties.

Not quite as sweet as its pink grapefruit cousin, the aroma of White Grapefruit still evokes a fruity, citrusy tone.

White Grapefruit essential oil 5mL cannot be purchased and can only be received through this promotion, so make sure you don't miss out on this Limited Time Offer!

  • Diffuse throughout your home to create a light and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Add one drop to facial cleansers, shampoos, or toothpastes for added cleansing properties.
  • Place one to two drops in the palm of your hand, rub together, cup over the nose and mouth and take deep breaths to refresh the senses.

doTERRA Touch® Forgive Renewing Blend 10mL

This amazing blend brings a powerhouse of natural, herbal and woody scents that are meant to aid and inspire you, and those you love, through the journey of forgiveness and renewal. doTERRA Touch® Forgive may help you with feelings of contentment and relief, creating a path to let go of your burdens and guilt.

In the convenient and gentle doTERRA Touch® format, keep doTERRA Touch® Forgive close by you, whether in your handbag, at your desk, or wherever you are. It also serves as a beautiful personal fragrance with powerful aromatic benefits.

Reflect & Reset

Didn’t get the chance to earn a FREE Melissa essential oil 5mL? Don’t worry you still have time!

If you know someone who would love to experience all that doTERRA has to offer, then we have an exciting promotion for you. During the month of February, for every 4 qualifying enrolees you will receive a FREE Melissa essential oil 5mL (valued at $233.00 AUD).

That’s not all, we have something special in store for the enrolee as well. This month, every new person who enrols will receive a FREE doTERRA Touch® Adaptiv™ 10 mL (valued at $30.00 AUD).

Melissa essential oil 5mL

As one of our rarest and most expensive oils, Melissa has a wide range of benefits and uses. Because of its positive uplifting scent, Melissa has long been used in situations when searching for calm, centeredness or balance.

  • Diffuse to create a relaxing environment or at night before a restful night’s sleep.
  • Calming, soothing scent, ideal during tense times.
  • Helps promote feelings of relaxation.

doTERRA Touch® Adaptiv™ 10 mL

No matter how you are feeling, include doTERRA Touch® Adaptiv™ Tranquil Blend as part of your toolbox to help support a balanced mind and body.

  • Soothe the mind and relax the body. Take a moment to enjoy the calming aromas of Lavender, Magnolia and Neroli essential oils.
  • At work or during study, the distinctive calming aromas of dōTERRA Touch® Adaptiv™ Tranquil Blend may help push the noise and distractions of modern day life into the background.
  • Roll on your wrists or temple to help create a tranquil change when you feel the need.

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