Violet Honeyfield


Violet is a doTERRA New Zealand Gold leader who was introduced to doTERRA through a friend, Kirsten just after her first child was born. Violet was looking for something more to add to her naturally healthy toolkit. “Kirsten came to my house and talked through the oils and my needs. I signed up with the Home Essentials Kit but I didn’t actually use the oils too much in the first few months but loved the smell. Kirsten ran a class for me and a few of my friends and from there I started introducing them into my daily life” Violet said.

After working for 7 years in a pharmacy environment, Violet had a passion to educate others around naturally healthy options, and that there are supportive products available. Violet says “I love how the oils can impact us emotionally so quickly, just taking a couple of deep breaths inhaling an essential oil can result in a change of mood, so even though I got started to support my family, I actually use them extensively to support my own mood and emotions”

In reaching Gold, Violet had a clear strategy and that meant getting her goals down on paper, and then working around them to implement things to help her achieve those goals. Also, having a good support network, and someone you can chat with about your plan to bounce feedback is great to have. Violet shares her top tips for Wellness Advocates who are starting out. “Work on your mindset, every single day. I listen to podcasts and follow people I look up to, daily. Set aside time for personal development, this is key to learning, growing and developing in both life and business. Another top tip I can give is to find your niche, or your perfect customer, we can’t be everything to everyone, and honing in on who you actually want to serve makes speaking to ‘your’ people much easier, and attracting the people you actually want to work with. Finally, share YOUR stories, people want to know how you can solve their problems, the more you can connect to people at an emotional level the more powerful your stories will be.”

Violet stays motivated by listening to motivating content, whether that be a podcast, or another leader she looks up to in her community. “Also connecting back to my ‘Why’, when you have a powerful Why you don’t need much else! I find keeping my goals visible helps to stay motivated so either on a vision board, whiteboard or computer background, so you are looking at them everyday which is a constant reminder of what you are aiming to achieve.” Violet explains.

Peppermint & doTERRA Motivate® are Violet’s go-to for her morning wake up. “Another favourite is Wild Orange which always goes in a diffuser blend, and then a no-brainer is my Lifelong Vitality Pack, which have been so supportive recently.” Violet says

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