Sugandha Chapman

Silver Wellness Advocate


“My inner scientist was content. I asked my friend how I could get my hands on more of these incredible oils. We had many amazing experiences in our journey with oils. I’ve learned so much about them and the quality. Nature really amazes me.” 

Sig believes the oils can be enjoyed by everyone and loves the versatility of the oils. “I've never been a person who has to be all or nothing. I use them for cooking and helping me in my own journey for a more natural and mindful life. I make my own cleaning products, cosmetics, and use oils to promote the appearance of my skin. I love creating and using blends for my own meditation and grounding practice as well as just helping me get through #mumlife. But as my own journey has evolved, I’ve been drawn to using them for emotional support and what a profound effect it has on my emotions and thoughts. Literally a drop of Balance® Grounding Blend and inhaling that deeply is enough for me to take a deep breath, become present and clear the mind. When there is so much talk of “self-care” – often as women it’s not something we feel we have the time for or deserve.

Every time I read or hear about "you need to take care of yourself" and "self-care is important" I get MORE stressed. Usually because I have no idea what self-care looks like beyond sitting in the bath tub with candles and a face mask. I love how the oils have BECOME my self-care, that moment to inhale a drop of Balance® Grounding Blend or Peppermint essential oil is enough for me when life is feeling like chaos to return back to harmony again”.

“I am also blown away with the commitment doTERRA has as a company to making this world a better place through its co-impact sourcing model. Working in corporate previously, I can see that the foundations in place are based on true action and impact”.

In reaching the rank of SILVER it was all about having strong belief and connection. 

“The key for me in my business was growing the belief in myself and seeing it bloom in others is such a powerful feeling. Knowing that a new wave of leaders is rising is such a wonderful experience and fun to watch. It was also about dreaming big and being in constant action. I kept my purpose in the forefront of my mind, and for me it was about showing up every single day regardless of the result. Remembering that every step that I took no matter how small, was moving me forward toward my goals”.

Sig believes in the importance of building your belief in the products and living an essential oil lifestyle.

“Everyone has their own reason as to why they felt drawn to doTERRA and their oils. What is it about them that makes your heart sing? Who inspires you – and why? A lot of people tell me that they don’t know as much as me when I teach others – and I tell them it’s because I LIVE these oils every day and I love to educate myself on these oils! People want to hear your stories and experiences and connect with that FIRST.

Secondly, you can share or build this business any way you want to, which is why I love it so much! What other job gives you that much autonomy? It also means that you are 100% responsible for your own business, regardless of your team. 

Thirdly, work on your mindset. Whether you do the inner work before joining doTERRA or through it – it happens and it can get messy. By being aware and knowing that, and working on your beliefs can create wonders when they happen. I highly recommend using the Empowered Success Guides – they are brilliant!”

All of Sig’s businesses have been built around the quote – “If you want to give light to others, you HAVE to glow yourself”. This allows her to dream big for what she wants to do in this world and doTERRA is a big part of that.

“doTERRA for me is a platform to make an impact – to raise the visibility of women in colour in this business and to share my message of women’s empowerment. I am also still working part time at a social enterprise called Global Sisters, and with two little ones, means that there are times when I have to step back from the business and focus on them. Which means my business may not grow as fast as others. Always coming back to my WHY helps to reconnect me and I know that I can do it at my own pace – I have a vision board that I look at every day, to keep that motivation going. I also stay motivated by finding comfort in realising that others have probably gone through this same journey. I love personal development so an inspiring podcast (Ange Peters or Alice Nicholls, never fail to lift me up) or resources from various leaders in our business helps to shift my mind back into a positive place”.

Here are Sig’s TOP 3 favourite products and how she works them into her day!

  • LLV supplements - “I used to be a 5-6 cups of coffee a day drinker (hangover from my corporate days), but now have the energy and focus to get through the day. I am down to one morning coffee (which you will never pry from me!!)”
  • Litsea Essential Oil - There is something about this aroma that makes my heart sing. Uplifting citrus scent, great when it is a bit gloomy outside, and emotionally, it’s known as the ‘Oil of Manifestation’. I have this on me or diffusing at all times”.
  • Balance® Grounding Blend or Peace® Reassuring Blend - “Essential Oil Mama hack for tantrum taming and getting back to my centre – I put a drop in the palm of the hands and inhale deeply”.

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