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 Rosie Nerney

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“Your WHY will drive you, it’s what people connect with, and it’s why you will have success. Your Why must be greater than any obstacle you may face.”

Be real. “People are so sick of pretend, fake, unauthentic, no-connection sales and marketing. They want to connect, they want someone to care, and they want to be heard and understood. Take the time to make the relationship.”

Structure right. “Take it from people with the experience—and no one has more experience than the seven executives of doTERRA. Their way may take a little longer, but if a title isn’t what is important to you, then the time to get one won’t be an issue.”

“I believe if you are going to have a business, no matter what the size, point of it is to improve peoples’ lives, to bring value to people, and to leave them feeling better than before they found your product or service.”

“doTERRA is about authentic connection, nurturing relationships, and genuinely improving the lives of others. It’s not about a quick sale, it’s about the long-term for everyone involved.”

 Heart Centered

As a health coach, Rosie Nerney was looking for natural products she could recommend to help her clients. She had seen essential oils advertised online before, but her past disappointments with other natural products made it difficult for her to trust them. But no matter how reluctant she was, she kept coming back to the essential oils. Eventually, after lots of procrastinating, she bit the bullet and jumped into the oils.

After seeing how effective they were, Rosie was completely sold, but she was not as convinced with doTERRA as a company. The fact that doTERRA was an MLM was enough to make her avoid the business. Too many times she had been haggled by people in MLMs, and she wanted nothing to do with it. But when she started looking more into doTERRA, she discovered something she wasn’t expecting—heart.

There were no “greasy sales pitches” in doTERRA, it was about serving others. Rosie says, “When I understood that by running the business and getting more people to run with me I could reach more people, help more people, and change more lives in an ethical, heart-centered way, that’s when I really saw the business as viable.”

Rosie’s selfless vision for her business attracted many people to her team who had similar aspirations.  She says, “My whole team has a common end goal: to help change as many lives as possible while changing our own in the most ethical, non-salesy, heart-centered way.” This service-oriented team has been a great influence for good, and Rosie desires to continue to help them succeed. In her words, “Letting them down is not an option. I want them to believe in themselves so that they can do and achieve what they want to in this business.”

Next to supporting her team, Rosie’s extended motive is to strengthen women. After seeing her wonderful mother suffer from a lifestyle-induced illness, her goal is to inspire women everywhere to believe in themselves and take care of their health with the right tools. She says, “There are too many women who don’t believe in themselves in this world and who need to know there is more than one option when it comes to proactive health choices. I just want to help as many people as I can live better, healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

This opportunity has been a life-changer for Rosie. She went from being completely broke to paying off debts and worrying less about money, to making a difference in countless lives through sharing and building the business, to seeing a great personal growth within herself and the women she reaches. Rosie says, “I’m so thankful to doTERRA for providing this opportunity to not only help others, but to help ourselves and improve our lives.”

 Rosie is a mother to 4 girls, has two teenage step children, and is married to Gav, her true blue Aussie bloke. Rosie is a country girl and her business has that down to earth country town community and connection all the way through it. Rosie is living proof that being “just a mum” is the perfect platform to build a successful business with doTERRA.

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