Congratulations on Reaching Blue Diamond!

 John Overbeek and Paula Eckert-Overbeek

2x3_John Overbeek & Paula Eckert.jpg

Neither John nor Paula had a background in alternative health. Paula had used essential oils occasionally but not for their health benefits. John had only been introduced to the health industry as it related to direct sales. Paula says, “It’s important that people understand that you don’t have to be a health practitioner, massage therapist, or natural healer to learn about essential oils and to change your lifestyle.”

doTERRA has been a learning experience for John and Paula. Paula says, “We were familiar with network marketing, but with doTERRA we realised that you must be passionate about and lead with the products.” John says, “This is different from what we were used to. It is rare that a company can stand alone without its compensation plan.” With their new understanding, John and Paula set a goal to reach Diamond. They wanted to prove to people that all you needed was to set a goal, have a vision, and remove all excuses. Living in Australia with little upline support due to distance, no local office, and few market-specific tools, it would have been easy to make excuses. John and Paula’s determination and positive example are inspiring and are helping to spread doTERRA throughout Australia

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