Bergamot Mint Body Oil

Treat yourself to the invigorating benefits of this luxe body oil. Combining the skin-loving properties of rosehip and avocado oils with the calming and confident aromas of Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Black Pepper and our ALL-NEW Bergamot Mint essential oils, this easy-to-make, nurturing body oil will have you glowing inside and out. 


Tools required

  • 100ml glass bottle with dropper lid
  • Glass jug/ bowl 
  • Funnel 
  • 10x peppercorns (decoration only)  
  • 5x dried rose petals (decoration only)

Essential oils

Carrier oils 

  • 12 teaspoons Rosehip oil (60 ml) 
  • 6 teaspoons Avocado oil (30 ml) 
  • 10 teaspoons Fractionated Coconut oil (45ml)


  1. Using a glass jug or bowl, pour all the carrier oils in first then add the essential oils. ​
  2. Gently swirl to ensure the oils have combined. ​
  3. Prepare your glass bottle by placing 10 peppercorns into the bottle​.
  4. Pour the oil mixture into the glass bottle .
  5. Give the bottle a gentle swirl to allow the peppercorns to mix into the oils.​

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