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Chemistry of Pink Pepper


Pink Pepper provides a unique blend of constituents and a chemical profile that offers several supportive benefits.

Chemistry Snapshot

The GC/MS results from Pink Pepper show over 65% of the constituents present in it are monoterpene alkenes. Monoterpenes are molecules that have the chemical formula C10H16, which means each molecule is made up of 10 carbon atoms and 16 hydrogen atoms. If a molecule is an alkene, it contains one or more double bonds between carbon atoms.

What makes Pink Pepper’s chemistry so unique is it includes a relatively high concentration of α-Phellandrene, a monoterpene alkene. In fact, Pink Pepper contains more α-Phellandrene than any other doTERRA single essential oil. Limonene, another monoterpene alkene, is also found in Pink Pepper.

Benefits from Constituents

Experimental studies show the remarkable effect α-Phellandrene can have on some cells and biomolecules involved in a healthy immune response when ingested.1,2* Because of this effect, α-Phellandrene serves as an excellent soothing agent and can be used internally to support the body’s natural processes, ease discomfort, and support a healthy inflammatory response.*

Recent research has proposed certain metabolic benefits associated with the chemical constituent limonene.* Clinical research suggests supplementation with limonene may support normal-range healthy fat and blood sugar metabolism.*


Pink Pepper is an exciting essential oil to add to your collection. With both α-Phellandrene and limonene, Pink Pepper is a great product to help support the immune system and support normal-range healthy fat and blood sugar metabolism when ingested.* To capture all the supportive potential Pink Pepper has to offer, add a few drops to your favorite salad dressing, savory dish, or even glass of water.


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