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doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend

doTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend

"When it came to choosing the essential oils for the AromaTouch Technique, doTERRA On Guard was the ‘no brainer’ to add. When we look at the chemistry of this blend we see a variety of chemical constituents, such as aldehydes, phenols, and alcohols, that each work to provide different kinds of support. This oil provides the AromaTouch Technique with the versatility and ability to impact more people in a variety of ways. It truly is the ‘go-to’ essential oil blend."
- Dr. Hill

Step By Step:

  1. Without losing contact with the recipient, perform the oil introduction.
  2. Begin the alternating palm slide.
  3. Perform the five-zone activation.
  4. Move into the thumb walk tissue pull.

Benefits Received from doTERRA On Guard:

  • Cleansing benefits
  • Overall support

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