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“When combining different essential oils because of their different benefits, I looked deeply into the chemistry of each and the benefits I was looking for. Although Lavender and Melaleuca both contain alcohols in their chemical profile, their smell and dominant benefits differ greatly. With this in mind, I chose to use Lavender for its calming properties, to complete the relaxation process in the AromaTouch Technique, and to complement doTERRA Balance®, which is used to create the initial connection between the giver and receiver.” – Dr. Hill

Step By Step:

  1. Without losing contact with the recipient, perform the oil introduction.
  2. Perform the alternating palm slides.
  3. Begin the five-zone activation.
  4. Perform auricular stress reduction.

Benefits Received from Lavender:

  • Helps ease feelings of tension
  • Provides a calming aroma

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