Founders Club


Terms and Conditions

1. A Founder takes responsibility to be a leader in the market by attending Company events, complying with doTERRA’s policies and procedures, and representing dōTERRA’s culture of cooperation and support for all teams and organizations.

2. doTERRA may impose other requirements as reasonable or necessary, these might include requiring a Founder demonstrate activity in the market such as: mentoring, personally enrolling and developing individuals in the market, holding meetings in the market, or attending events in the market.

3. A Founder should be the person that is actually building their account. Positions that are built by a relative or friend in the name of another person are not considered Founder’s positions.

4. No position may be a Founder’s position if it is established that its qualification was attained through buy-in rather than through legitimate volume.

5. No individual may have more than one Founder’s position in a given market. Membership in the Founder’s Club is attained through individual and personal effort. A Wellness Advocate can hold one Founder’s position in each separate market.

6. Because a Founder must maintain their Founders Club for 10 out of 12 months each calendar year, the following also applies:

a. For the 1st year qualification, the 3 consecutive months that qualify a founder also count towards a founder’s annual, calendar year maintenance requirements. If the first 3 months of qualification are Oct., Nov., and Dec. that person will earn the bonus for that year.

b. If a Wellness Advocate qualifies as a founder outside the first three months of the year, they must then achieve the qualifying rank and other requirements in each of the remaining months of the year.

i. Example 1: If a Wellness Advocate qualifies as a Founder in April, May, and June, they may, if necessary, take advantage of the 2 grace months throughout the rest of the calendar year. During a grace month, the Wellness Advocate may NOT fall below the rank of Silver.

ii. Example 2: If a Wellness Advocate qualifies as a Founder in June, July and August, they may, if necessary, take advantage of 1 grace month throughout the rest of the calendar year. During a grace month, the Wellness Advocate may NOT fall below the rank of Silver.

iii. Example 3: If a Wellness Advocate begins qualification in July, August and September, or any three months after July, they must then achieve Founder qualifications each remaining month in the calendar year. No grace months will be available for this Founder.

c. Maintenance requirements for a Founders Club position reset at the beginning of each calendar year. The company reserves the right to make adjustments to the Founders Club in its discretion.

7. Continuing Progress Requirements: It is expected that each Founder will continue to grow their doTERRA organization and lead others to be able to do the same. As a market grows over time, the members of the Founders Club will be expected to grow as well. Therefore, continuing progress requirements may be announced and made applicable to the Founders Club of any market. The requirements of the Founders Club may vary market by market. If continuing progress requirements are announced in a market, members of the Founders Club of that market will be expected to meet those requirements to maintain future membership in the Founders Club.

8. In the event a Founder fails to re-qualify or otherwise loses their Founder position, the position is no longer available to the Founder or to another Wellness Advocates and ceases to exist. The percentage of interest will not change if the actual number of qualified Founders changes. Founder positions are unique to the Wellness Advocate who initially qualified. The position cannot be conveyed, transferred, gifted or sold to another Wellness Advocate or person and does not extend beyond the death of the individual Founder.


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