dōTERRA Healing Hands®


Anti-Human Trafficking

Human slavery is a fast growing, despicable type of organized crime. HOPE is a comprehensive model to fight human trafficking by focusing on three areas – Prevent, Rescue, and Aftercare – to help those who are most vulnerable.
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Clean Water & Sanitation

We help provide clean water to prevent disease, improve the health of communities and empower children to attend school and receive an education instead of fetching daily water.
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Disaster Relief

We aid those affected by natural disasters and work alongside organizations who care for low-income families, homeless individuals, and veterans in need. We often partner with Wellness Advocates to provide localized relief.
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Empowering Women

We educate women about their own health (with tools to take care of their bodies) or about how to achieve basic financial goals and entrepreneurism. We foster self-reliance initiatives, and teach other how to contribute to society.
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Global Health

Accessing basic healthcare resources is a challenge for many people around the world. We work to provide infrastructure for medical facilities and to increase access to physical and mental health resources.
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Through efforts like micro-credit lending, mentoring and education programs, as well as partnerships with Co-Impact Sourcing®, we’re helping people down the path to build themselves a better life.
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Supporting Children

We strive to empower children who live in less than desirable situations without responsible caregivers, medical care, or access to education. We do so by supporting orphanages, transition homes and to build rehabilitation centers.
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Local Healing Hands Efforts

Local Healing Hands efforts are some of the most gratifying ways to support your local community. Those on the receiving end of Healing Hands service projects, philanthropic or educational initiatives have expressed profuse thanks and a deep sense of gratitude for efforts so selflessly made. A few recent projects include:

Empowering Change in Thailand 

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