Diamond Club is a 4-month accelerated growth program that supports, guides and empower Silver - Platinum doTERRA leaders to effectively share, educate and create a strong thriving business.

Qualification Rank  
Qualify as a Silver or Higher in qualification month, January 2021.

Diamond Club Sponsor
Have at least 1 but no more than 3 Diamond Club Sponsors (sponsors will pay 50% of the participant's local reimbursement).

Personal Enrollment
Personal enroll 3 New Wellness Advocates and/or Wholesale Customers (each with a minimum single 100PV initial order) during the qualification month (January). Wellness Adocates and Wholesale Customers need to be enrolled in either Singapore, Singapore NFR or Malaysia. (Wholesale Customer upgrades and reactivations do not count).

Have a total of 10 Wellness Advocates who process an LRP order (at least 100 PV) on or before the last day of the qualification month (January). These 10 WAs must be within the Diamond Club Applicant's personal organization and cannot be used by other Diamond Club Appliciants to qualify for Diamond Club.


Important Dates 

Qualification Month: January 2021 

Application Period: 15 January – 8 February 2021 

Diamond Club Season: March – June 2021

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