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Across their lifetime, 1 in 3 women are subjected to physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner or sexual violence from a
non-partner, according to the World Health Organization. In Singapore, 7 cases of domestic violence against women go unreported for every 1 case that was reported. According to the 2013 International Violence Against Women Survey: Final Report on Singapore, violence against women is a far more pervasive and closer-to-home problem than you think.

We believe in empowering people and communities to pave the way for positive changes. As part of our doTERRA Healing Hands initiative, we hope to raise awareness for domestic violence and aid victims in their recovery through our collaboration with Star Shelter. From April 2021, doTERRA Singapore will be donating 100% of the sales proceeds from every doTERRA Hope Touch purchased, to Star Shelter to help the victims.

The Star Shelter is a service under the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO) with the objective of helping the survivors of domestic violence - women and their children. The Star Shelter opened its doors in March 1999 as a registered charity with IPC status and is the only secular crisis centre in Singapore. It serves as a safe temporary refuge for women and their children who are victims of family violence regardless of race, language, creed or religion. Apart from meals and lodging, Star Shelter also aids with victims to rebuild their lives free from violence. While the shelter receives partial funding from the government to help with their operational costs, they have to rely on fundraising projects by SCWO and the goodwill of various individual donors to cover the remaining cost.

Image Source: Star Shelter

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100% of all sales proceeds of doTERRA Hope Touch will be donated to Star Shelter.


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