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Limited Time Offer - 20% OFF selected Enrollment Kits

Enjoy 20% off selected Enrollment Kits this month! Don’t miss out on the NEW Laluz™ Diffuser in the improved versions of the Premium and Oil Sharing Kits too!

Valid till 31 January 2022. Terms & conditions and exclusions apply. 



Limited Time Offer – Prosperity Oil Kit

Be happy and prosper in the Year of the Tiger with our Prosperity Oil Kit! 

Prosperity Oil Kit includes:

  • Chrysanthemum Touch 10 mL* 
  • Helichrysum Touch 10 mL* 
  • Magnolia Touch 10 mL 
  • Yellow Mandarin 5 mL*

*Limited-edition essential oils.

SKU: 60221115, Retail: $266, Wholesale: $200, PV: 125

*Valid till 31 January 2022, while stocks last. Terms & conditions apply.


Limited Time Offer – Hygge Diffuser with Hygge™ Cozy Blend 15 mL

Let the beautiful Hygge Diffuser and relaxing Hygge™ Cozy Blend create a sense of security, comfort, and coziness in your home.

SKU: 60220680, Retail: $136, Wholesale: $102, PV: 24

*Valid till 31 January 2022, while stocks last. Terms & conditions apply.




New Product Launch – Copaiba Touch 10 mL

Say hello to our NEW permanent product – Copaiba Touch 10 mL! A skin soothing superhero, Copaiba Touch can be applied topically to promote clear complexion and help moisturize skin.

SKU: 60219432, Retail: $52, Wholesale: $39. PV: 27


10% off Slim & Sassy® Softgels

Comprising of the propriety blend Slim & Sassy essential oil blend, Slim & Sassy® Softgels are a convenient way to harness the metabolism-boosting benefits of the oil blend! Save 10% on Slim & Sassy® Softgels this month!

SKU: 60202814 

Wholesale: $54.90 $61 

PV: 34.2 38

*Terms & conditions apply. Valid for Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers, limited to 4 per account per month.



doTERRA Hope® Touch - doTERRA Singapore Healing Hands Initiative

Purchase doTERRA Hope® Touch today or add it to your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) template and be part of our Healing Hands initiative this year, to help women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. All sales proceeds from doTERRA Hope® Touch will be donated to Star Shelter, a registered charity and secular crisis centre that aims to provide a safe temporary refuge for women and their children who are victims of family violence.  

SKU: 60201754
Retail: $37
Wholesale: $27
PV: 0


600x600-lrp (1).jpg

New Loyalty Reward (LRP) Kits

We've curated these new Loyalty Reward (LRP) Kits to include our popular products making it easier for you to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your Daily Essential Oils LRP Kit 125PV

All Natural Pain Relief LRP Kit 125PV 

*Terms & conditions apply.



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