Diamond Club

Diamond Club is a program designed to help Wellness Advocates build their teams and advance in rank. Wellness Advocates identify and work with potential builders to help them get going and increase their customer base. Simple effective duplication models are followed to create the habits that have proven successful.

Submit your applications online at diamondclub.doterra.com

Diamond Club 2022 Booklet

Benefits for You

  • Business Growth: Your team and business will grow
  • Customer Base: Increase customer base, new builders & focus on retention
  • Organization: Diamond Club is the match that starts a bonfire of growth for your entire organization
  • Goals: Reach for your goals and let your passion for your business ignite
  • Reimbursement: You get reimbursed for holding events
  • Prizes: Win special prizes



  1. Drive More revenue for Q1 2022
  2. Improve Leadership Quality
  3. Nurture New Leaders
  4. Duplication is the KEY


Who can participate

Wellness Advocates from doTERRA Singapore who currently rank Silver or Gold or Platinum are eligible to apply for Diamond Club 2022.

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