Frequently Asked Questions

When can I qualify for Diamond Club 2021?

Qualification month is in January 2021. Application begins on 15 January 2021 and ends on 8 February 2021.


Which rank qualifies me for Diamond Club 2021?

If you have a Pin Rank of Silver - Platinum, and you achieve Diamond Club 2021 Qualifications, you will be able to participate in the 2021 season.


How many people with Loyalty Reward Orders do I need on my team to qualify for Diamond Club 2021?

You need to have ten (10) Wellness Advocates on your team who process Loyalty Reward orders over 100PV in a qualification month.


How many Sponsors can I have?

You can have up to three (3) Sponsors in total.


What are the qualification requirements of a Sponsor?

Sponsors are Wellness Advocates who are willing to help financially support and train/mentor participants to be successful in the program and in building their team toward their next rank advancement.


What resources are available to Sponsors to track the progress of their participant/s?

Once a Sponsor is approved, they will be sent a link to access the Diamond Club website to track their participants.


When does the Diamond Club 2021 season officially begin and end?

Diamond Club 2021 commences at 2pm on 1 March 2021 and ends at 1:59pm on 1 July 2021 Singapore Time.


What do I have to achieve to remain in Diamond Club each month?

Each month, you will need achieve the following:

  • 18 in team Diamond Club enrollments
  • 6 registered Diamond Club Meetings/Events


I didn’t meet my 1st month qualifications, can I continue and make up for the numbers?

In order to be able to progress to the next month of Diamond Club, you must meet the monthly required enrollments. Excess enrollments from a previous month cannot roll over to count toward the following month’s requirements.


What is a Diamond Club Enrollment?

A Diamond Club enrollment must fulfil all of the following criteria to qualify for the Diamond Club incentive essential oils.

  • Customer is registered as an attendee of a Diamond Class within 24 hours of the class. 
  • Customer enrolls no more than 3 working days after the event.
  • Customer enrolls with a minimum 100PV enrollment order.
  • Customer has not previously opened a doTERRA account.
  • Customer enrolls in Singapore, Singapore NFR or Malaysia.

A Diamond Club enrollment does not need to be personal enrollment to qualify for Diamond Club Incentives or count towards your Monthly Requirements.


What is a registered Diamond Club Class?

To be counted towards your 6 meetings/events each month, the following criteria must be fulfilled.

  • Class is registered on the Diamond Club website.
  • At least one attendee is registered within 24hrs of the class finish time.

Classes can be held in person or online.


Are there any special Diamond Club incentives for new members?

Yes there are! Qualifying Diamond Club enrollees will receive the free Diamond Club incentive essential oil(s) of the month.


Can one-on-ones count towards my monthly enrollment requirements?

Yes, as long as the class and attendee is registered on the Diamond Club Website.


How are points and standings used to earn prizes?

Further information on points and standings is available in the Diamond Club 2021 Outline. Click here for more information. 


What prizes am I able to win in Diamond Club 2021?

We have a very exciting and generous prize pool this year! Click here for more information.


Who can qualify for prizes?

Diamond Club 2021 graduates who finish the season with a minimum of 72 Diamond Club enrollments may be eligible for prizes, depending on their final standing. Click here for more information.  



How do I submit reimbursements?

You may submit your reimbursement to Singapore Diamond Club Manager at with your Name, ID, Event Date and official receipt (with payment proof) in the email.

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