Mary Haines

Gold Wellness Advocate


Mary Haines is a doTERRA Australia Gold Leader who started her doTERRA journey 7 years ago, thanks to a friend who introduced her to essential oils through a few samples. These samples were the beginning of a very beautiful, holistic journey for Mary and many others who she feels very fortunate to work with.

“Four years ago I left my part time job to pursue my lifelong dream. I have always felt my path is to help others, it makes me happy. A successful holistic business and a pocket full of dreams continuing to come true everyday”. 

Mary collaborated with her team to co-find the Oily Mummas. “The Oily Mummas is a platform for women to come together and empower communities. My dream has always been to empower, connect and give back and I feel that doTERRA has given me and so many others the opportunity to incorporate passion and love. These essential oils have enabled me to connect with so many beautiful souls”. 

In reaching Gold, Mary praises this achievement made possible by having the most incredible Oily Mummas Tribe who passionately believe in each other and their dreams.  “My biggest insight has been learning how these products are a lifestyle for body, mind and soul. They have enabled me to be proactive about my health and supported me to live a healthy and holistic life. I love incorporating the oils in my Reiki & Meditation sessions and through sharing these beautiful oils, I have been blessed and honoured to be facilitating workshops alongside like-minded women here at the Oily Mummas. Our team is passionate about wellness and connecting with others by bringing oils into their homes”.

Mary shares with Wellness Advocates her wisdom and insights cultured from her own doTERRA journey. “You have got to take chances. You have got to believe in yourself. You have to stop the excuses and turn your excuses into your power. Allow the fire within you to ignite. Start dreaming and believing. Dream big, dreams really do come true and they will, you just need to believe in yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded and positive people. There will be times in your journey where you will struggle, this is the time to reflect back to your Why”.

Mary is a highly driven and passionate person who thrives on routine and affirmations. “I love to set myself daily goals, this really enables me to stay motivated as does the Motivate® Encouraging Blend which I apply every morning to start my day”.

Everyday Frankincense essential oil, is incorporated into Mary’s life. It is her favourite product and is an essential oil very close to her heart. “I love Frankincense for the grounding and holistic properties. The scent takes me right back to my childhood going to church which for me, is a place of calm and peace. I also use Frankincense essential oil in my Reiki sessions with clients as I find it promotes grounding and tranquillity”.

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