Jason Brooker

Gold Wellness Advocate


The key to helping Jason achieve the Rank of Gold was total belief in the products. “The belief first came by using Ice Blue in the Clinic. Secondly, Frankincense essential oil helped a client. Thirdly, after 5 years of my son not sleeping we found the essential oil, Vetiver. Belief in the sustainability of doTERRA was extremely important as I was conscious of not building the business, if there was not going to be a sustainable supply of oils in 5 years time”.

Jason loves that he feels energised by surrounding himself with like-minded people. He suggests, “Get to as many events as you can and constantly run workshops. Every week we had one in the clinic waiting room. Remember if this was a job, you get paid by the hour so if you spend 2 hours a month and get $50 that’s good but 40-60 hours a week for 2 years is BETTER. Living in a small town doing Diamond Club has been an absolute blessing. Last time we completed Diamond Club we had ranked Premier in December and by February we had reached Silver. This year we finished with 4 Premiers and 1 Silver Leader in our team!”

“I encourage people to share the products from the heart, and to purchase one new product each month. Learn everything about the product, the different uses and where it comes from. This will see you have first-hand experience with these products and you will feel more comfortable and knowledgeable when you are sharing the products with others. Doing your first class can be hard, so ask a friend if you can do a class for them and they can provide you with honest feedback on how you went. This is a great way to learn what you did well and what areas you can improve on. Look at this as an apprenticeship, you need to put in the time, the effort and invest in training yourself to be the best version of you. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins and smell the flowers along the way”

Jason was running the Therapy Clinic until January this year, whilst his wife was working full time and both of them looking after their four children. He built his business by running essential oil classes which were held at the clinic. 

“I had a big WHY to keep me going and used this as my motivation through the testing times. I feel so honoured to be a part of the best company, in the best industry. With residual income in mind, there is no doubt that on this journey you are going to run into people who just don’t understand what you are doing, and that is okay. Whenever I get knocked down I pick myself up and thank those that have helped me everyday to get me to where I am. Then I ask myself who can I bless with a drop or two of doTERRA essential oils today?”

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