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Find the answers to additional queries with our Premier Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You can participate in Premier Club as many times as you like, until you reach the rank of Premier.
We encourage Premiers to look to the next level and enjoy the advantages of participating in Diamond Club. However, if you are a Premier Leader and wish to join Premier Club, please contact the Europe Premier Club Team at
No, dōTERRA Europe Premier Club is a European programme, therefore enrolments outside of the European markets will not count as qualifying enrolments.
No, all enrolments must be personal enrolments.
Yes, if that enrolment was processed by the Diamond Club participant using your ID as the enroller ID.
Yes you will receive the Diamond Club promotional gift oils, as long as your enrolment is entered by your upline who is participating in Diamond Club, and they enter your ID as the enroller for the enrolment.
No. We encourage all Wellness Advocates to participate in Premier Club and benefit from the accelerated growth it can help you achieve.
No, you have the duration of the three months of the season to gather at least 20 class attendees. There is no monthly requirement to hold classes. These classes must be hosted or co-hosted, can be held with or without an upline, online or in person, and separate classes can also be combined to reach the 20 attendee requirement.
If you would like to check your Premier Club status or enrolment/class attendee requirements, please contact the Europe Premier Club Team on
If you believe you made an error when completing your Premier Club Application or Evaluation, please email the Europe Premier Club Team at
If you did not receive the Premier Club Application, some information may be missing. Please email the Europe Premier Club Team at
If you received the email to confirm your place in Premier Club but have not received the Premier Club Evaluation, please contact the Europe Premier Club Team on
The gift bundle will be shipped with the participant's Loyalty Order (LRP) in the month following the commission period after the Premier Club season. For example, if the participant has met the requirements and graduated Premier Club for a season ending in May, the gift bundle will be added to their Loyalty Order (LRP) in July.
If you completed all of the season's requirements and did not receive a gift bundle with your Loyalty Order (LRP) the following month, please contact the Europe Premier Club Team on
Yes, but there are better options. You can set up a link for your new enrollee using the Link Generator tool, process the enrolment yourself, or if your upline is participating in Diamond Club they can process the enrolment order on your behalf.
Your starting rank is the maximum rank you have achieved before participating in Premier Club. Rank advancement Premier Club Points will be earned based on the rank you advance to. Manager: 5 Points | Director: 10 Points | Executive: 20 Points | Elite: 30 Points | Premier+: 50 Points. The points will accumulate. Points will only be awarded for ranks you have reached for the first time.
Premier Club Points are designed to help you facilitate initiatives or competitions within your teams. The more points you earn, the more you can collaborate with your organisation! The points are also used for online recognition. Premier Club Points are not Product Points.
Yes, we encourage you to continue participating to meet the full requirements and graduate from Premier Club.
Congratulations for successfully graduating from Premier Club! You are now ready to embark on your Diamond Club journey. Please follow this link for more information:
Diamond Club

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For any queries relating to Premier Club, please email the Europe Premier Club Team at

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