Premier Club: Requirements

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  • Each month, the participant must place a single minimum 100 PV Loyalty Order (LRP).
  • After each month of the season has ended, the participant must also complete a Premier Club Evaluation within 3 working days. Please note if the Premier Club Evaluation is not completed, the participant will be removed from the Premier Club program.

Within Three Months:

  • During the three months of the season, the participant must complete 9 personal enrolments, each with a single enrolment order of at least 100 PV.
  • During the three months of the season, the participant must also have gathered at least 20 class attendees. These classes must be hosted or co-hosted, can be held with or without an upline, online or in person, and separate classes can also be combined to reach the 20 attendee requirement.

Once each month of the season has ended, we will send the Premier Club Evaluation to every Premier Club participant to complete the below information:

  • Full name
  • ID number
  • Email address
  • Confirmation of monthly Loyalty Order (LRP)
  • Number of personal enrolments
  • Total number of class guests and their names
  • Any new rank achieved

If you did not receive an email to complete your Premier Club Evaluation, you can use the link below.
Premier Club Evaluation
Please note evaluations for the Spring Season must completed by Friday, 5 April 2024. Evaluations submitted after this time will not be accepted. If you experience any challenges submitting your evaluation, please contact

Premier Club and Diamond Club

Premier Club and Diamond Club run alongside each other, with the same application period and season dates. A member participating in Premier Club can, but it is not required to, have an upline who is participating in Diamond Club.

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