Christine Eilvig - doTERRA Europe Leader

Christine Eilvig - doTERRA Europe Leader

Christine Eilvig


About Christine

Spiritual teacher and author Christine lives with her loving family in Denmark. Viewing her life and work as an advanced form of play, she joined dōTERRA to pursue what’s pure and incorporate her focus on wellness into her professional life.

Always willing to help others and share her thoughts when others seek her guidance, dōTERRA has allowed her to maintain her dedication to family, saying “I always put the computer and phone away if my kids need me. I can get a lot done in a short amount of time, so my schedule is never too full.”

Christine is a huge believer in directing her energy into the projects that are beneficial to not just her business, but her soul. Working the right way creates fast and sustainable success and it’s an important trait to discover the ways of working that suit you best.

She shares that in addition to working hard, your calendar will thank you most for working more efficiently. She says “It's easy for us to repeat the things we enjoy. Be a great mentor and resource for your customers and builders. Understand your passions and talents and lead with those.”

Christine’s business has helped her on her journey to feel more connected to our planet, nature and natural solutions. Essential oils now form a large part of her life and have streamlined her passions so that she can do what she loves and be with who she loves every day.

Christine’s tips are to find the magic in your mess and share your insights with others. Your life is your story so make sure it's well-written and uplifts every cell in your body. Use the oils and have them show you the way to the things you long for.


Decide on the rank you want to achieve and share the oils in ways that inspire and uplift you. Focus on helping one person or one family at a time, helping people help themselves.


I have done a lot of work on myself. I understand my talents and passions so that's what I lead with. There's magic in doing what we are best at and it's often the things that come easy to us.


Being a Wellness Advocate provides me with deep meaning, joy and exciting opportunities. It was the career shift I had prayed for! I love that I get to serve so many people in an easy way. 

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