Placements Support


The dōTERRA Placements Team assists Wellness Advocates with organising and structuring their teams. Successful placement of enrollees is critical to your growth, rank advancement and qualification for commission bonuses.

From sponsorship changes to account transfers, here you will find important placement information that will help you make good placement decisions. You can read more about each process, find links to resources and forms and learn how to contact the Placements Team.

mydoterra Quick Links

Select one of these quick links to be directed to your mydoterra account (previously known as the Virtual Office) where you can submit various Placements requests.

Account Transfers

An Account Transfer allows a Wellness Advocate who is in the same placement with no downline to take over the position of an existing Wellness Advocate. To process an Account Transfer request, simply log in to mydoterra and click 'My Office' under 'My Account', hover over the 'Team' tab, then select 'Placements', and click on 'Account Transfers'. You can also download the PDF form here.

Pending Placements Requests

Wellness Advocates can submit Account Transfer requests, Placements Exception requests and find general Placements information through mydoterra. To track, view and approve any pending placement requests, log in to mydoterra and click 'My Office' under 'My Account', hover over the 'Team' tab, select 'Placements', and click on 'Request Tracking'. Here you can find any requests you have made or any requests requiring your approval.

Sponsor Changes

A Wellness Advocate may want to request a different Sponsor to their Enroller or move others in their downline. Wellness Advocates have until the 10th of the month following their enrolment to change their Sponsor, and this can be requested from the Enroller's mydoterra account by selecting 'Sponsor Changes' underneath the 'Team' tab.

Exception Requests

The Exception Application process is available to Wellness Advocates who are in need of placement moves that are outside of dōTERRA’s Placement policy. An Exception Application must be submitted to be reviewed before a decision is made, and this can be completed on mydoterra. To make a Placements Exceptions request, log in to mydoterra, hover over 'My Account' and select 'My Office'. Select 'Placements' under the 'Team' tab and click on 'Exceptions'.

Contact the Placements Team

If you are struggling to complete a request or have any additional questions, our Placements Team can be contacted at our Leaders ranked Silver or above can also click here to contact our Account Managers.

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