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 Nathan & Rebecca Bowles


Rebecca Bowles had been hearing about doTERRA essential oils from her mom for a while before she attended her first class and enrolled. Her mom would tell her about the many ways that essential oils could help people, but, initially, Rebecca wasn’t convinced. To Rebecca, essential oils were good for massages or promoting relaxation, but not much more than that. Eventually, those thoughts began to change. Rebecca says, “By the time I went to my first class, I had been very well prepped. I already had a great love for natural products, so when I heard all of the things the oils could help with, I was truly blown away and ready to start sharing.”

When she originally started the business, the idea of direct sales was not appealing and she felt uncomfortable selling to her friends. However, this idea began to fade away as she decided to focus on the impact the oils could have on an individual’s health. Rebecca says, “The more I shared, the easier it became, and I really began to understand the huge benefits of sharing doTERRA via direct sales.”

Her doTERRA business has also allowed her to use her passion for teaching. Previous to doTERRA, Rebecca was a science teacher. During this teaching period, she began to study nutrition and soon realized that she wasn’t as excited about teaching science as she was about teaching people about natural health products. Rebecca feels that finding doTERRA was a perfect solutionbecause it enabled her to earn a living while teaching about health using the natural products she loves.

Rebecca’s passion for the business and oils has had a great impact on her family as well. A year into the doTERRA business.

“By becoming part of the doTERRA business, you become part of something bigger than yourself. You really feel like you can make a big difference, not only amongst family and friends, but throughout the world.”

Nathan, Rebecca’s husband, joined her in the business, putting his own business aside. Together, they have been working as a powerful team. Rebecca says, “Nathan is naturally drawn to the areas of the business that I am not, so it works out perfectly. I focus more on the front line and team calls, classes, and trainings, and Nathan will do most of the back office stuff, balancing accounts, end-of-month activities, and emailing.”

Rebecca and Nathan have also appreciated the strong support of Rebecca’s mother who has helped them balance family time and business time. Rebecca feels that her mom has been key to her success by helping take care of their three daughters while Rebecca does classes and trainings. Her mom has believed in her and has been influential in helping them grow their business.

For Nathan and Rebecca, achieving Diamond has brought rich rewards. Rebecca says, “I am really starting to feel the benefits of having less financial stress. I also feel so fulfilled doing a job that is not only providing for our family, but one I can get really excited about because I am helping people every day either with the oils or the business. It feels so good to be part of something that is really making a difference.



“Make sure everyone is involved and knows what is expected.”


“As a family, discuss the sacrifices and also the blessings that will come from the business.”


“You really need to have everyone onboard and understanding the commitment needed to make the business successful and avoid feelings of guilt and resentment.”



“I have learnt to stick to set business times, and I try not to think about work when I am with my family.”

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