Annual Impact Report - The Pursuit 2023

dōTERRA was born from the belief that pure essential oils have the power to change lives—the lives of both those who use the essential oils and those who create them. The mission of dōTERRA has always been to source the best essential oils while helping the most people along the way.

For over 15 years, this mission has not changed. The more we grow, the more global good we can accomplish through our relentless pursuit of positive impact.

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dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™

Progress in 2023

  • 167,917 lives improved via the Match Program in 2023 (414,066 lives improved overall). 694 Match projects completed in 2023.
  • US$579,767 donated to the Hope Action Plan in 2023. US$9,931,244 donated overall.

2030 Goal | Triple our impact

  • Improve the lives of more than 1,000,000 people via the Match Program.
  • Donate US$3,000,000 annually to the Hope Action Plan.

Wellness Advocate Empowerment in 2023

  • US$200,000 was raised to support relief efforts following the wildfires in Lahaina, Hawai'i.
  • 8,300 72-Hour Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits were distributed by 50 Wellness Advocates.

Magnitry Health Clinic, Nosy Be, Madagascar

  • Clinic supports 1,300 Ylang Ylang co-operative farmers, of which 400 are women.
  • In 2023 the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ helped subsidise healthcare costs.
  • 2,300 patients were served by the clinic in 2023.


Co-Impact Sourcing™

Progress in 2023 | 1,176,749 lives improved in our sourcing areas

  • 380,214 sourcing jobs supported
  • 1,176,963 people empowered through sourcing jobs
  • 1,546,872 people impacted through social impact projects

2030 Goal | 10 million lives improved in our sourcing areas

  • 4.2 million people empowered through sourcing jobs
  • 3 million lives supported by sourcing jobs.
  • 5.8 million people impacted through charitable projects in sourcing areas

Science and Sourcing

After seven years of development, doTERRA launched the only commercially available 100% pure Birch essential oil on the market. This will support sales of birch in markets where it can be made available, such as the US.

  • The Birch supply chain won a SEAL sustainability award.
  • The National Center for Natural Products Research (NCNPR) published two peer-reviewed studies on how doTERRA Lavender essential oil affects body physiology, the first of this type of research. Watch the Lavender Video to discover more.
  • In 2023 3,523,976 bottles of doTERRA Lavender were shipped globally.

dōTERRA Supply Chain Evaluation

Working with professional consultants, the dōTERRA Sourcing Team created our supply chain evaluation program, to consistently measure how well our supply chain is meeting our standards of ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. Watch the Patchouli video to see this supportive process in action with our growers in Indonesia.

Progress in 2023

  • 2023 status awarded - 1 Silver, 7 Gold
  • Status awarded to date - 29 - 2 Silver, 20 Gold, 7 Diamond
  • Discover our Sourcing Guiding Principles

2030 Goal

  • Achieve at least Co-Impact Sourcing Silver Status in at least 95% of essential oil supply chains


Progress in 2023

  • 84,957 ‘Iliahi (Hawaiian Sandalwood) trees planted in 2023.
  • 431,396 ‘Iliahi (Hawaiian Sandalwood) trees planted to date.

2030 Goal

  • 1 million trees planted.


doTERRA continues to work with a leading consulting group to measure the carbon footprint of all doTERRA-owned and leased facilities in 24 countries, with the goal to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Want to see our progress since last year? View the 2022 Report here.

The 2022 Report is available in English only.

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