On The Ground (OTG) and Not for Resale (NFR) Products

Understanding NFR and OTG

When sharing doTERRA internationally it is important to comply with international commerce guidelines, laws, customs and best practices.

Two terms that are related to product sales internationally are "On The Ground" (OTG) and "Not for Resale" (NFR). International regulators have created these terms to help sort out how products are being sold in a country, and for what purpose.

So, in some countries, doTERRA customers who are shopping for a product have two options: buying "Not for Resale" (NFR) or "On the Ground" (OTG). The product selection and price for each method of buying may vary per international regulatory guidelines.

What's the difference between OTG and NFR

On the Ground (OTG) 

An OTG product purchase may also be referred as an "on the ground", "local"purchase", or "shipped from a local warehouse". A product purchased on an OTG basis is purchased in the local currency (for example,Pounds, Euros etc.), with local taxes applied. OTG products have been reviewed for compliance, imported, passed through customs and then sent to the local market warehouse. The product selection that is available on an OTG basis may vary slightly from products sold on an NFR basis, and availability is limited to local residents. 

Not for Resale (NFR) 

An NFR product purchase may also be referred to as a "not for resale", "international order" or "shipped from an international warehouse" purchase. A product purchased on an NFR basis is intended for personal consumption and not be resold after purchased. The entire line of dōTERRA products is available through International orders.

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