Part 4: Models of Use - The German Model

The German model is based on the concept that the sense of smell elicits a faster response than sight or sound. Through the sense of smell, essential oils have the ability to affect our emotions. Aromatic use is highly effective and can be applied to any of the essential oils in moderation. Until recently, science has underestimated the influence aroma can have on our health. Numerous studies have been conducted investigating the effect of aroma to reduce anxious feelings, alleviate stress, and improve mood.

One example of the powerful effects of aroma is found in two studies that examined the effects of ambient fragrances on patients waiting for dental procedures. In the studies, patients were exposed to orange and lavender fragrances before their dental procedure began. Statistical analysis of the results revealed that in comparison to the control group, both orange and lavender aromas reduced anxious feelings and improved mood. (Lehrner J, Et Al. 2000) (Kritsidima M, Et Al. 2010)

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