Scientific Advisors

Robert Pappas, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Pappas (Dr. P) received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from The University of Tennessee and B.A in Chemistry from Indiana University. He specializes in consulting, formulation/duplication and analytical testing services for the cosmetics/personal care, flavor, fragrance, and essential oil/aromatherapy industries. Robert developed the first aromatherapy course to be offered for college credit in the US as well as a course on the chemistry of essential oils.

He is the founder of Essential Oil University, which hosts The Essential Oil Chemical Reference database, containing thousands of literature references and GC/MS reports for almost any oil. EOU's Facebook page is one of the most followed independent social media sites concerning essential oils in the world. He also is the inventor of the StoveStill, a small-scale home distillation device. He has published many articles and has been a continuous source of inspiration and education for the aromatherapy industry for almost 20 years.

Brian Lawrence, Ph.D.

Dr. Brian M. Lawrence was born in London, England, where he eventually worked both as a technician and as a chromatography lab manager in the pharmaceutical industry while a degree in Chemistry. In 1960, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study chemistry in Chicago where he also worked at different labs before leaving his university studies to return to the industry. He later obtained his doctorate in pharmacognosy at the State University in Groningen, the Netherlands while working full time in Canada. Dr. Lawrence served as a researcher and the director of research and development until he retired in 2003. He then started a consultancy business which continues to this day. He has published in excess of 80 original articles and reports and has been the scientific editor and natural products editor of the Perfumer and Flavorist for over 30 years. Dr. Lawrence has also published 13 books and 18 book chapters on essential oils as well as acting as senior editor for the proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Essential Oils, Flavors, and Fragrances. In 1989, he founded the Journal of Essential Oil Research and was editor-in-chief until January 2010. He remains on the JEOR editorial board.

Dominique Baudoux, Ph.D.

Pharmacist, aromatherapy expert, writer, research director, and internationally renowned speaker, Dr. Dominique Baudoux is one of the world's top essential oil experts. Dr. Baudoux has for nearly 20 years directed the Pranarôm Society where he directs research efforts on the quality of raw materials for and scientific validation of distilled essential oils. Dr. Baudoux educates on the basics and advanced benefits of essential oils on human behavior and emotions through his many academic and industry speaking opportunities around the world.

Carsten R. Smidt, Ph.D., FACN

Dr. Carsten Smidt contributes to doTERRA’s research and product development, scientific affairs, regulatory affairs and quality control. Dr. Smidt has held executive R&D positions for almost twenty years working for leading global companies in dietary supplement, nutraceutical and medical food industries. He holds a doctorate degree in Nutrition Science and Physiological Chemistry from the University of California at Davis, and he rounds out his impressive experience with superb academic credentials, many scientific publications and patents. Dr. Smidt is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition (FACN), and is holding memberships in a variety of professional associations including the American Society for Nutrition (ASN), and the German Society for Nutrition (DGE). He is passionate about well-being and fitness, and enjoys the outdoors.

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