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Terms & Frequently Asked Questions

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General Program FAQs

How will I know if my friends or family sign up with doTERRA?

When someone joins doTERRA and purchases products using your unique referral link, you'll receive an email letting you know who signed up and how many doTERRA dollars you earned.

Which markets can participate in the Refer-a-Friend promotion?

Wholesale Customers in the US and Canada markets have access to a unique referral link they can share with others. The referral links won't work outside these regions.

How do I receive credit for referring my friends?

It's easy! Open your account profile, copy your unique referral link, and share it with others. You can share via text, email, or even social media. When your friends use your link to create a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate account and purchase products, you'll receive doTERRA dollars from their first order. Keep in mind, because doTERRA dollars are paid out as a percentage of PV, there may be instances where referrals buy a non-PV product, so no doTERRA dollars would be rewarded (for example, a diffuser).

What perks do my referrals receive?

Your referrals will enjoy a free first year of doTERRA membership valued at $42. Their membership benefits include 25% off retail prices and access to Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) points, auto-shipped products, and free shipping on auto-shipped orders over 100 PV.

Is there a spending minimum to receive free membership?

No! When you share your link, any purchase through the link qualifies your referrals to receive a one-year doTERRA membership for free. But purchase is required.

Why are my friends or family not seeing their waived fees?

Make sure your referred customers are clicking directly on your link to shop! They'll also need to add a product to their cart before the promotion will apply. This promotion is valid only with purchase

doTERRA Dollar FAQs

What are doTERRA dollars? When will I receive them?

doTERRA dollars are credits you can use toward doTERRA product purchases, just like cash or store credit. When people use your referral link to sign up as Wholesale Customers or Wellness Advocates, you'll receive 20% of their first orders total Personal Volume (PV) back in doTERRA dollars within 10 calendars days. You can apply your doTERRA dollars visible at checkout or in your account profile toward taxes, shipping, and products. doTERRA dollars aren't redeemable for cash or gift cards, transferable, or valid toward prior purchases. They're also subject to returned product clawbacks.

doTERRA dollars earned by Wholesale Customers in markets outside the United States are based on the Commissionable Volume (CV), which may be different from PV based on local currency.

Are there limits to how many doTERRA dollars I can earn?

Current Canada tax laws only allow us to reward you up to $499 (CAD) in doTERRA dollars.

Do doTERRA dollars expire?

No, doTERRA dollars do not expire. However, if you close (or terminate) your account, you'll also lose any accumulated doTERRA dollars.

Do I need to be on LRP to receive doTERRA dollars?

No! You have lots of flexibility with earning doTERRA dollars. LRP provides terrific benefits, including free monthly products and shipping on qualifying orders, so we encourage you to learn about it and join. However, the Refer-a-Friend promotion is simply a way for customers to share what they love and be rewarded.

Referral Link FAQs

Can I post my link on social media?

Yes! Social media is a great way to share your favorite products. Your specific link won't change, so it'll always credit back to you.

Can I still share my link with friends who have a doTERRA account?

No, preexisting doTERRA members aren't eligible for this promotion.

Can I share my link with friends who had a doTERRA account a long time ago?

The Refer-a-Friend promotion is intended to make sharing your favorite doTERRA products with others simple and rewarding. Your link is uniquely designed to enable you to invite brand-new friends to sign up. If your friends already had doTERRA accounts, they aren't eligible for this promotion and should continue to place orders from their original accounts.

What will my referrals see when they follow my link?

They'll see a special webpage we've designed to highlight doTERRA membership perks, popular products, and Loyalty Rewards Program information.

doTERRA Distributor (Wellness Advocate) FAQs

I don't want to build a doTERRA business. Does sharing a referral link make me a distributor?

No, you aren't a distributor. However, you can be rewarded as a customer when you share with others! We know many of our customers love sharing their doTERRA product experiences, so we want to reward you when you share, no business commitments attached.

What if my friends want to sign up as a Wellness Advocate (or distributor) instead of a Wholesale Customer?

Your friends can still use your referral link to create their own Wholesale Customer accounts. From there, they can upgrade to Wellness Advocate accounts.

What if I want to become a distributor?

We're thrilled to help you start your doTERRA journey as a distributor (or builder). Reach out to the enroller who helped you sign up for your doTERRA account, and he or she can help you navigate upgrading your account.

Can I still use Refer-a-Friend if I am a doTERRA distributor (Wellness Advocate)?

Refer-a-Friend is a program designed specifically for Wholesale Customers to be rewarded (with doTERRA Dollars) for sharing doTERRA. Because Wellness Advocates are able to resell doTERRA products and earn commission when they build a doTERRA business, they are not eligible to receive doTERRA Dollars. However, Wellness Advocates each have their own unique referral link that they can share with friends, family, and customers. When their recipients place an order using their link, it is credited to the Wellness Advocate as a new enrollment, and they earn regular commissions off ofof the referral's first order instead of doTERRA Dollars.

To learn more about how Refer-a-Friend can benefit you as a Wellness Advocate, click here.

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