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February 15, 2023—Policies and Procedures Notice

Notice is hereby given of amendments to the Policies and Procedures. This Notice and the amended Policies and Procedures are posted at Pursuant to Section 19 of the Policies and Procedures, Wellness Advocates (WAs) agree that thirty days after publication of notice, that modifications become effective and are automatically incorporated into the Agreement between the Company and its Wellness Advocates as an effective and binding provision. By continuing to act as a Wellness Advocate, or engaging in any Distributorship Activity, including purchasing products, after the amendments or modifications have become effective, a Wellness Advocate acknowledges acceptance of the new Agreement terms.

Changes set forth in the amended Policies and Procedures include modifications: to the prohibition of simultaneous interests in Distributorships with respect to marriages occurring after the persons already having a Distributorships and for inheritance of Distributorships; and to maintaining a Distributorship during disputes. To review all revisions, please see the Policies and Procedures located a

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