AIR-X™ Freshening your air just got one drop easier. Meet Air-X, our brand-new oil blend. Learn More

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Air-X™ is a breath of fresh air. Use it to: 
  • Offer a fresh and uplifting aroma
  • Refresh the air
  • Promote an atmosphere of clarity
  • Clean surfaces
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FREE TEA TREE Get doTERRA Touch® Tea Tree free when you place a 125 PV Loyalty Order now through January 15! Learn More

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Place a 125 PV or more Loyalty Order now through January 15 and get doTERRA Touch® Tea Tree for free!
  • Moisturizes dry, cracked skin
  • Cleanses surfaces
  • Has a refreshing, clean aroma
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
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Available January 1–15. One per account while supplies last.
Smart Move Start the New Year with 10% off Smart & Sassy® all month long! Get the Details

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Just like you, this blend is Smart & Sassy®! From its skin-warming sensations to its bright, satisfying flavor, Smart & Sassy is the perfect blend to help you hit all your wellness goals. Get yours for 10% off, all January while supplies last. 

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Available all January long while supplies last.
OWN YOUR WELLNESS Get hassle-free, targeted wellness delivered straight to your door each month with the new Wellness Essentials Program. Learn More

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Your wellness journey couldn’t get any easier with three unique collections delivered straight to your door over the course of 90, hassle-free days. 

The Wellness Essentials Program is available for LRP orders only. Limit of four per account each month.

Class in a Box Collection (French) 

It’s time to transform your essential oil classes! The Class in a Box Collection helps you hold effective, exciting classes while saving both time and money. Designed alongside some of the top doTERRA enrollers, this ultimate teaching tool uses the sampling model—an effective way to give potential customers experiences with essential oils prior to classes.

1 Box
CA $32.00
CA $32.00 
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The collection includes:

  • Enrolling and booking incentives:
  • 36 5/8 amber drams for making convenient, customized trial-sizes
  • 50 Essential Oils Made Easy class handouts (packaged in a single tear-pad)
  • 1 Product Guide to help class attendees customize their orders
  • 10 Live guides to hold simple Wellness Consults and boost LRP
  • 1 Build guide to introduce the business opportunity and help you find builders
  • Kit card with a QR code linking to additional online resources


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