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Shipping FAQ

We’ve updated our shipping offerings as of March 1, 2024!

Shipping Options

Which orders qualify for free shipping?
CA Loyalty and enrollment orders of 100 PV or more qualify for free standard shipping.

What’s happening to the Shipping Rewards Program?
With the new free shipping option, the Shipping Rewards Program (SRP) will be discontinued for both US warehouse orders and Canada orders.

Do NFR orders qualify for free shipping?
Yes, however NFR orders will require 150 PV or more to qualify for free Landmark Global – Standard shipping.

Do retail orders qualify for free shipping?
No, only Canada Loyalty and enrollment orders of 100 PV or more qualify for free shipping. Retail orders also do not qualify for SRP.

Which orders qualify for discounted shipping?
CA loyalty orders of 50–99 PV qualify for $4.99 economy shipping.

What shipping method can be used for free shipping?
Our free shipping option uses basic Canada Post shipping, which takes approximately two to five business days for delivery in the contiguous Canada. If you’d like to receive your order sooner, you can choose to pay for another shipping method, like express.

How much does shipping cost?
Beginning March 1, 2024 doTERRA shipping costs will be as follows:

For Canada warehouse orders:
Canada Post (Standard)

  • Economy Shipping on all one-time orders: CA $8.99
  • Loyalty Order of 50 PV: CA $4.99
  • Enrollment/Loyalty Order of 100 PV: FREE
  • Enrollment/Loyalty Order of 100 PV+: FREE

Canada Post Express: CA $9.99

Purolator: CA $ 14.99

UPS Standard: CA $ 17.99

UPS Express: CA $ 22.99

For US warehouse orders:
Landmark Global – Standard

  • Orders $0 - $99.99: CA $14.99
  • Orders $100+ : CA $15.99 - $19.99
  • Enrollment/Orders 150+ PV: FREE

UPS Canada Express

  • Orders $0 - $99.99: US $ 27.99
  • Orders $100 - $199.99: US $ 32.99
  • Orders $200 - $299.99: US $ 37.99
  • Orders $300 - $399.99: US $ 42.99
  • Orders $400 - $499.99: US $ 47.99
  • Orders $500+ : US $ 52.99

Can I pay to upgrade my shipping?
If your order qualifies for free shipping but you’d prefer to use another shipping option—like UPS or express—you’ll need to pay the full shipping cost.

Can I still qualify for free shipping if I place my order through Member Services?
Yes, you will still qualify for free economy shipping if you place a Canada enrollment or LRP order of 100+ PV through Member Services.

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