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Customize Your Routine with MetaPWR

Box of Metapwr Advantage next to Metapwr Oil bottle.

What’s the best routine for taking the MetaPWR Collection? The best routine is the one you’ll follow. Customizing your use of the MetaPWR Collection is important because everyone’s goals and needs are different. One person might prefer to flavour their water with MetaPWR Blend and drink all throughout their day, while another may rely more on the gum and beadlets to help them on an as-needed basis. MetaPWR Advantage should generally be taken once a day but can be taken twice a day if desired. MetaPWR Assist can be taken daily with your largest meal.

Remember, MetaPWR products are only part of the equation. Exercise, healthy meals, and sleep are all essential to anyone’s MetaPWR routine and are also subject to personalization and customization depending on individual goals and circumstances.

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MetaPWR in 3 Steps

The MetaPWR Collection is designed to provide well-rounded, synergistic support for any healthy lifestyle with three simple steps:

  • Step 1
    Eat a well-balanced, whole-food diet and add MetaPWR Blend, Beadlets, and Gum to your daily routine to support hydration and mindful eating choices.
  • Step 2
    Take MetaPWR Assist occasionally with your largest meal of the day to support healthy blood glucose metabolism after eating.*
  • Step 3
    Consistent daily use of MetaPWR Advantage, with marine collagen, can support a healthy metabolism and increase the quality of your overall healthspan.*

MetaPWR Daily Routine

A day in the MetaPWR life may look different from one person to the next. It’s important to find what works best for you based on the goals you want to achieve. You can customize your routine to make it more personal, but here are just a few suggestions to help spark some ideas.

Person pouring Metapwr oil into water bottle.

A Morning with MetaPWR

When completing your morning workout, diffuse MetaPWR blend or apply it topically for an invigorating aroma. To enjoy its delightfully sweet taste while also encouraging proper hydration, add a couple drops of this flavourful blend to your reusable water bottle. Refill your bottle and add more drops throughout the day as needed.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we couldn’t agree more. Start off the day with a nutritious high-protein breakfast alongside a sachet of MetaPWR Advantage and two drops of MetaPWR blend in a shaker bottle of cold water. For another delicious option, you can also add MetaPWR Advantage and blend to your morning smoothie or green shake.

Person pouring Metapwr oil into water bottle.

Person holding pack of Metapwr Chewing gum.

An Afternoon with MetaPWR

Diffuse MetaPWR Blend throughout the afternoon to create an inspiring atmosphere as you complete your daily tasks. Pop a MetaPWR Beadlet or two in your mouth to help satisfy your desire for sugary snacks. You can also add MetaPWR Advantage to a cool beverage and rehydrate during your workday.


At lunchtime, you’ll want to have a balanced meal and plenty of fresh whole foods to snack on. If you haven’t already, this is another great time to have your daily serving of MetaPWR Advantage. To help curb those afternoon cravings for sugary or high-carb snacks, chew a piece of MetaPWR Chewing Gum.

Person sitting at dinner table holding a glass of water in one hand and Metapwr assist capsule in other hand.

An Evening with MetaPWR

In the evening, chew a piece of MetaPWR Gum or have a couple of MetaPWR Beadlets for something sweet without indulging in sugary treats and fatty snacks late day in the day.


For most people, dinner is usually the largest meal of the day, which makes it the ideal time to take MetaPWR Assist. Before your healthy dinner, take MetaPWR Assist to support healthy glucose metabolism after meals.* If you prefer to take MetaPWR Advantage later in the day or twice a day, drink another sachet with your meal.

Even More Customization

You can also combine MetaPWR with other supplementation like the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality® Pack (LLV)—what we recommend as the foundation of all supplementation routines—to give your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally. 

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Person sitting at dinner table holding a glass of water in one hand and Metapwr assist capsule in other hand.

Woman drinking Metapwr from a bottle with metapwr products on table in front of her.

Personal Wellness Realized

Your life may be different than these examples, and schedules can change from day to day. One person may be using the products to fine-tune a well-established healthy routine, while another may need them during a lifestyle overhaul.

The principle still applies. You can customize your use of the MetaPWR Collection to help you realize your personal wellness, regardless of your schedule or approach. But no matter how you decide to include them in your routine, using the five MetaPWR products together with healthy lifestyle habits can help you live your most empowered life.

*NPN 80121205 (MetaPWR™ Assist); NPN 80125274 (MetaPWR™ Advantage). See individual product labels for a complete list of claims and cautions. 

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