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Uplifting Aromas for Home and Mind with Turmeric and doTERRA Cheer

The key to a balanced home and mind is keeping a grounding, uplifting environment. Turning your home into a space where you and your family or friends are comfortable and centered is crucial to overall wellbeing. There are a million ways to create the home environment you’re looking for, and aromas are one of our greatest allies for setting the stage. Using essential oils to infuse your daily actives with complementary aromas—earthy and bright, grounding and uplifting—can pave the way for your ideal home environment.

We think we’ve found a duo made in essential oil heaven, perfect for striking the perfect aromatic balance in your home. When you combine the fresh, earthy aroma of Turmeric essential oil with the warm, spicy scent of doTERRA Cheer essential oil blend, your home is in for a real treat. 


Diffuser of your choice
Combine a few drops of Turmeric oil and doTERRA Cheer oil blend in a diffuser for a grounding and energizing aroma to diffuser:
  • During family activities to create a positive, invigorating environment.
  • At the start of a small at-home party or event for a joyful scent. 
Uplifting topical massage
Apply one drop each of Turmeric oil and doTERRA Cheer oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and gently massage into neck and forearms. Do this:
  • Before individual, family, or friend at-home yoga practice or meditation for a unique uplifting and centering aroma.
Inhale from palms
Develop a practice of placing a drop each of Turmeric oil and doTERRA Cheer oil to your palms, cupping your hands over your mouth and nose, and breathing deeply. It’s a really quick, easy way to give yourself the benefits of diffusing essential oils without the diffuser! 
  • Repeat whenever you need to bring the comforting atmosphere of home to wherever you are–whether it’s in the car between busy errands or before a presentation at work. 
  • Make this practice a part of difficult discussions. In the face of contention, deeply inhale Turmeric oil and doTERRA Cheer oil for a familiar, pleasant aroma and deep breaths before talking through feelings. 

Turmeric essential oil and doTERRA Cheer oil blend come together to make an uplifting, earthy aroma that will set the stage for a space of joyful and grounding activities! Whatever the needs of your household, this aromatic pairing will be one of your new favorite blends.

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