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Small Ways to Impact Your Community

Nothing leaves an impact like compassion and service. During hectic times it’s easy to get caught up and lose sight of the people around us. In reality, there’s no better time to come together as a community! You can lift your local community in so many ways, big and small. Here are our top suggestions for ways to make a difference in places you call home!  


Prioritize people– Find out if a senior in your community could use some extra aid. Perhaps offer to help clean their home, chauffer them to medical appointments, or do their grocery shopping for them. Maybe search for tutoring opportunities for local students who are struggling. There are small ways each of us can show up for our friends and neighbors every day, which in turn will strengthen our communities in the ways we need most! 


Litter clean up– Pull on a pair of work gloves and hit the streets of your town or neighborhood with some trash bags and a mission to sweep the streets or a local park, picking up garbage that never made it into a receptacle. Picking up litter not only beautifies the areas around your home, but it also helps keep the whole community clean while allowing you to get some fresh air.


Contribute to your local food bank– If you are fortunate enough to have plenty, give thanks! But also remember that there may be other people who struggle for some essentials and basic household supplies. If you find that you have extra to give, consider finding your nearest foodbank or donation center and make a contribution that could ease the lives of others in your community.


Shop local– Local startups and businesses run by community members may face an uphill battle against larger chains. Supporting local businesses not only boosts the local economy, but local goods tend to use less packaging and can leave a smaller environmental impact. Consider giving the gift of your patronage to the businesses that have the most to give back to the community. If you are unable to support these businesses by visiting in person, consider buying a gift card for use when you are able to swing by.


Commit to safe driving– Our community is somewhere that we should feel safe. One way each person can take control of the safety of our communities is by personally committing to obey local traffic laws and speed limits. Remember to be extra vigilant in residential areas and school zones! This is one of the easiest ways to bring a sense of security to the places you live and drive. 


Our communities are our homes. They are made up of the people we know and love best, and even the strangers help make it what it is. There are times when giving back to these people is more important than ever, and all it takes is a little present thinking! So get up, get ready, and do what you can to help make home the best place it can be for everyone. 

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