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Refocus with Pink Pepper

Too much bustling and busy-ness makes it hard to keep ourselves in focus—but life is just chaotic sometimes, even when we don’t want it to be! One way to get a moment’s reprieve from the wilder parts of daily life is to take a break with the unique aromatics of essential oils. A favorite essential oil aroma of ours for those hectic days? Pink Pepper.

The ancient Incans considered the Pink Pepper tree and its small pink fruits sacred, and often lined the perimeters of their temples and palaces with them. Today, you can line the perimeter of your home and body with Pink Pepper’s incredible essential offering in the form of pure essential oil. It has a sharp, spicy aroma with a note of fruity freshness that arrests the senses. It’s no wonder the Incans loved this beautiful spice.

Tame the frantic and frenzy with some of our suggestions for ways to make Pink Pepper your new best ally when needing to refocus your trajectory and stay on track! 

Harness the Flavor 

With a mildly fruity and peppery flavor, you can use Pink Pepper along with in place of ground black pepper to enhance the flavor of meats, sauces, dressings, and more. With a similar but more subtle peppery flavor than Black Pepper essential oil, it can add a new dimension to your favorite dishes. Turn cooking a meal into a time to slow down and savor the experience as this dynamic aroma fills your kitchen. 

Embrace the Aroma

We all encounter grogginess and brain-fog as part of life. When you’re facing burnout or need to feel alert in order to get back on track, these easy five to ten minute refocusing tricks can help: 

  • Take a five to ten minute break to be alone with your thoughts while diffusing or inhaling the scent of Pink Pepper. Taking a break for yourself will allow you to cut through the fog and help you restart, and diffusing an invigorating, peppery aroma like Pink Pepper can create an environment of clarity. 
  • Go on a brief five minute walk or quick ten minute jog to harness your sense of clarity. Combine Pink Pepper with Fractionated Coconut Oil and gently massage into pressure points before your short exercise for a refreshing aroma. 

Aroma Hack: For an even more stimulating aromatic profile, combine Pink Pepper with a few drops of your favorite citrus or floral essential oil!

Immerse Your Senses 

Add a drop of Pink Pepper and a drop of Wild Orange or Grapefruit to your bath water and sink in deep, or use this blend in a reed diffuser in a candle-lit setting to create an atmosphere for personal reflecting and relaxation. Collect your thoughts by journaling or making a gratitude list while breathing in the sweet, spicy aromas of Pink Pepper and citrus. 

No time is more important to refocus and re-center than when you feel most at your limit. Essential oils are a great tool to use while establishing healthy habits that bring back your focus and energy from the whims of crazy schedules. If have yet to add Pink Pepper to your collection, don’t wait another minute. You’ll want this spicy number on your side when the going gets tough! 

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