How to Use an Entire Bottle of Fennel

Are you telling us that Fennel oil isn’t one of your staple essential oils? We know this one might seem a little obscure, but Fennel oil is enormously underrated. We’re here to tell you why Fennel oil should be an always-on-hand favorite to keep within arm’s reach in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom (let’s be honest, we keep essential oils all over the house, too). 

Fennel essential oil has a unique aroma and nearly limitless uses. Distinct and a bit licorice-y, the aroma of Fennel is as dynamic as the essential oil itself! Fennel essential oil provides modern households with aromatic, topical, and internal uses that we can’t wait for you to try yourself.

Every 15 mL bottle of Fennel essential oil contains approximately 250 drops. We want to show you how easy it is to make every drop count over the course of just one month!
  • Refreshing Breath Rinse: Add 1 drop Fennel oil to two ounces of water, then gargle and spit to help freshen breath. Alternatively, add 1 drop Fennel oil and 1 drop Peppermint essential oil to three ounces of water for added minty freshness. Use this naturally sourced mouth rinse after brushing your teeth each morning and after meals. An added bonus? The soothing aroma of Fennel essential oil is the perfect way to close out brunch, dinner, or any other snacky time of day.
    Total: 30-60 drops
  • Enhanced Facial Moisturizer: Mix 1 drop Fennel oil with a dime- to nickel-sized amount of your regular facial moisturizer (we suggest using HD Clean® Facial Lotion or doTERRA Anti-Aging Moisturizer) and massage onto face and neck every morning for an enhanced skincare routine focused on moisturizing and soothing dry skin (one of Fennel oil’s specialties).
    Total: 28-31 drops
  • Hand and Foot Moisturizer: Add 1 drop Fennel oil to a quarter-sized dollop of unscented body moisturizer (we recommend doTERRA® SPA Hand & Body Lotion) and massage into hands, heels, and feet each night before bed. Try adding a drop of Lavender essential oil as well to bring out the calming aroma of Fennel oil.
    Total: 30 drops
  • Soothing Abdominal Massage: Combine 1-2 drops Fennel oil with 10 drops Fractionated Coconut Oil and use in a topical abdominal massage. Make your abdominal massage a habit, using this massage oil daily after a hearty meal to enjoy the fresh, herbaceous, soothing aroma of Fennel oil.
    Total: 30 drops
  • Sweetened Tea: Add 1 drop Fennel oil to a cup of herbal tea with honey for an added sweet, licorice taste. Enjoy a cup once per day to satisfy a sweet tooth when trying to avoid processed sugar and sweets. Whether you’re treating yourself to a moment of alone time with afternoon tea time or starting out your morning with a warm mug, this is one of our favorite ways to sip herbal tea.
    Total: 28-31 drops
  • Home Cooking: Add 1-2 drops of Fennel oil to any dish or dessert that calls for a subtle or distinct anise or licorice flavor. Cook with Fennel 1-2 times a week by trying a variety of recipes, including  homemade sausage, sauces, dressings and dips, meat or mushroom marinades, soups, or dessert syrups.
    Total: 10-20 drops 
  • Best Aromas: Diffuse 3 drops Fennel during your work or school day for an energizing aroma. Alternatively, diffuse 2 drops Fennel with 3 drops of either Lime, Wild Orange, or Ginger for a bright, sweet aroma. These additional oils help mellow the distinct anise aroma of Fennel oil, leaving you primarily with its sweet, uplifting scent.
    Total: 60 drops
Using an entire bottle of Fennel essential oil is so seamless! Even though Fennel oil doesn’t always get a ton of airtime, the best part of this underrated essential oil is how easily it can fit into your regular routine and enhances habits you already have. As you start using Fennel oil regularly, note the differences it makes in your life and share what you love most with us by tagging us (@doterraca) in your Instagram posts and stories.

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