Canada Day: Celebrating the Gifts of Home

Oh, Canada! One doesn’t have to go far at all to know what makes this country so special. In fact, all it takes sometimes is a step out the front door. Spanning across 5,514 km from east to west, Canada boasts an expansive variety of breathtaking geography, home to seemingly endless natural wonders. From mountains and lakes to arctic wilderness, Canada has no shortage of magnificent scenery.

In fact, there’s so much beauty to celebrate that one holiday is hardly enough to capture a snapshot. However, to honor Canada Day, we’re highlighting a few of the true natural wonders the Great White North has to offer! 

At doTERRA, our primary is concern is providing you and your families with the world’s highest quality essential oils from the world’s highest quality sources. That’s why we turned to the forests of Canada for two of our most prized wood and pine essential oils: Arborvitae and Black Spruce. 

Arborvitae oil is sustainably sourced from the giant Arborvitae tree, native to the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. The harvesting and processing of Arborvitae works hand-in-hand with the existing timber industry by collecting the excess wood material and sawdust to process in order to extract the essential oil. This prevents these materials from going to waste and gives purpose to every shred of this amazing natural resource. 

Not only this, but the great Arborvitae trees historically played an important role in the lives and cultures of indigenous peoples in the region, providing them with materials to make life-sustaining vessels, baskets, and clothing, as well as sacred totem poles. doTERRA is proud to honor that legacy by producing an essential oil created with respect to its source and treasured by everyone who uses it. 
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Black Spruce
Like Arborvitae oil, Black Spruce essential oil represents an unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship. The Black Spruce tree grows in abundance across the landscape the Canadian Tundra, providing a sustainable resource that fuels paper, pulp, and lumber industries alike. However, this abundance of beautiful growth creates a pressing environmental issue: waste. 

In a game-changing partnership, doTERRA collects the discarded materials and steam distills them into a rich and diverse essential oil. Excess from the distillation process are burned, providing steam to fuel the process over again. Who knew that such a responsibly sourced essential oil came from your own backyard? 

Learn More About Black Spruce Read the Full Sourcing Story  

From coast to coast, Canada embodies the essence of doTERRA—a true “gift of the Earth.” Whether you take in its sprawling natural landscapes or inhale the aromas of the precious essential oils we source from its forests, Canada holds beauty that keeps on giving. Today we remember the land we hold dear and celebrate the bounteous lives we have built across it. From the doTERRA family to yours, Happy Canada Day! 

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