Keeping Your Business Strong through the Holidays

The holiday season is an exciting time for small businesses like yours! Often, you are busier than ever trying to supply your friends, family, and customers with the essential oils and products they need in their homes and as gifts. Not only are you busy, but so are your team and potential enrollees. With so much to prepare for during the holidays, business building and product sharing can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. It isn’t just wish-lists that are getting longer—it’s to-do lists, too!  

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to give your business a boost, even among all of the hubbub! There are so many positive and genuine ways to use the spirit of the season to share the doTERRA message of peace, wellness, and goodwill, and infusing some of this into your routine can also help keep you in the holiday spirit yourself. This holiday can be one of your best business seasons yet, and if you have the right tools you can do it without getting too overwhelmed. Here are five easy ways you can get started!

1. Community Counts. 

doTERRA stands for more than just essential oils. It also stands for community—the global community! It’s why Co-Impact Sourcing® is such an important part of our company mission. While the world needs our help, we all know that the best place to start making a global difference is at home. Using your doTERRA business as a platform, organize a safe community service event with your team, neighbours, and friends.

Need a few ideas? Host a clothing or food drive, set up a sub-for-Santa, or even curate hygiene care packs that include a few doTERRA products to drop off at local shelters. Community events are great opportunities to meet new people and discuss the benefits of doTERRA products in the spirit of service. Besides, serving others around the holidays gives a clear message about how much you and your team care.

2. Social Media Magic. 

Having an online presence on social media is more important than ever during the holidays. It can be especially hard to find time to hold classes during this time, but you can still offer tips, inspiration, direction, and more to your team by keeping their feed well supplied with beautiful images and essential oil hacks. You can also make sure that people remain aware of your business even while they’re busy, not to mention keep them informed of thoughtful essential oil gift ideas!

If you’re looking for creative post ideas, visit the doTERRA Canada blog (and look out for the monthly blog newsletter!) for exciting essential oil DIYs, essential oil recipes, and essential oil education to help you and your team learn new ways to use essential oils during the holidays. Using the doTERRA Social mobile app and our Digital Marketing Kit is another easy way to create beautiful social media posts in a pinch—if you aren’t sure how to use or access this resource, just reach out to your Account Manager and they can help you get started.


3. Focus on Promotions. 

Speaking of social media, it is one of the best ways to spread the word about doTERRA promotions, deals, and discounts. During the holidays, doTERRA offers some of the year’s most exciting product promotions and limited time offers, all curated in the spirit of the season! Better yet, each promotion comes fully stocked with shareable graphics and posts through the Digital Marketing Kit or the doTERRA Social mobile app!

You can also design your own holiday-related incentives, giveaways, and personal sales for your team to get people involved and excited about your business.

4. The Spirit of Sharing.

Sharing is already a daily focus of your doTERRA business, but the holidays are a perfect platform to really highlight this aspect of your business. Let yourself get caught up in the full gift-giving tradition of the season and use the opportunity to introduce your friends and family to doTERRA products.

doTERRA essential oils make some of the most thoughtful and useful holiday gifts of all. Not only can they help fill your loved ones’ homes with the scents of the season, but they can be used all year round to support their wellness lifestyles. When you give the gift of essential oils, you can also gift your knowledge and expertise on how to use them. Encourage your team to do the same with their family and friends!

5. Go the Extra Mile. 

Especially during this hectic time of year, putting in the extra effort to lead your team will go a long way. Whether it’s getting them the samples they need or simply answering their questions about how to carry their own business through the holidays, supporting your team supports your own business.

This is also a great time of year to go a little farther to help those in your personal circles, whether it relates to your business or not. Make sure your friends and family know that, especially during the hectic holidays, you are someone they can count on! Who knows what kind of difference it could make in the months to come when you are looking for new business connections. It’s as simple as being authentically you and authentically kind!

These are just a few ways the holiday season can benefit your business and help you reach your goals. However, just like the spirit of giving, there really is no limit! What is your favourite way to use the holidays to strengthen your business? Share this article on Facebook and caption the post with your personal tips for sharing and building during this time of year. Don’t forget to tag us (@doterraca)!

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