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dōTERRA Corporate Offices Virtual Tour

Welcome to dōTERRA!

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Wasatch Mountains in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the doTERRA Corporate Headquarters is a beautiful representation of what doTERRA stands for, and all we’ve accomplished. Welcome to this virtual tour of our home. The new doTERRA corporate headquarters, first conceived in October 2011, is in response to the phenomenal growth we are experiencing.

Product Center 
Millions of people around the world, a number that grows every day, experience the potent and effective properties of doTERRA’s pure essential oils. In the Product Center, you can get your own essential oils and essential oil infused products to support your and your loved ones’ wellness. 

Production and Warehouse
You can imagine that becoming the worldwide leader in essential oils doesn’t come without the ability to get essential oils to every corner of the globe. Our production facility features six precision filling machines that quickly process essential oils raised and harvested by growers from around the world. From there, our oils are brought into our 100,000 square foot warehouse where they are prepped for shipping directly to your doorstep.

Testing Lab 
We have a firm commitment to providing only the highest quality, purest, most potent essential oils available. For that reason, we run each batch of oils through a strict battery of tests. When an oil passes these tests, they are labeled CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade®. When you see this quality assurance promise, you can know that the oils you’re using are safe, potent, and effective. 

Service and Support 
doTERRA products are sold through a network of Wellness Advocates. These professionals are supported by a team of service agents and corporate employees. Additionally, our buildings have specific areas designated to help independent product distributors known as Wellness Advocates build their business—such as the auditorium, which seats 280 people, the Leadership Lounge, and the exclusive Diamond Lounge.


The name “doTERRA” comes from Latin roots and means “Gift of the Earth.” Our buildings represent that origin. The red sandstone, quarried in Utah, suggests our connection to the Earth, while the smooth textures of glass and metal bring to mind our commitment to advanced science and technology. Our beautiful grounds as well as our carefully maintained wetlands tie us back to nature.

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Health and Wellness
Not only are we concerned with the health of others, we’re also concerned with our employees’ health as well. Our campus features an exercise out facility for employees as well as the doTERRA Eatery—a cafeteria featuring healthy eating options using essential oils, and the CaféTERRA—a quick source of excellent food.

Beautiful Grounds
The relaxing, soothing atmosphere of the doTERRA campus comes from more than just beautiful buildings. When you visit, you can enjoy the Tom Holdman original chandeliers with their nature motifs. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to visit, the plaza provides awe-inspiring vistas with a reflection pool and the soothing sounds of running water. Nature paths allow visitors to explore the picturesque grounds as well as the natural wetlands. Or you can come for the nature-inspired artwork that decorates the campus.

Come Visit Us Soon
Whether you come to learn more about essential oils, to tour our headquarters, or just to visit some friendly people in a wonderful setting, we invite you to come. Set up your visit today!

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