Wellness Boxes FAQ's

Q: What are ‘Wellness Boxes’?

A: Essentially, they are beautifully packaged, fun, fresh Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) packs that offer a 10-20% discount off of the normal Wholesale price.

Q: What is the intent behind the Wellness Box?

A: Curated with common, specific customer needs in mind, these boxes are designed to provide everyday solutions to customers who a) aren’t sure where to start b) are looking for simple, everyday use education c) have people they’d love to help with essential oils, but aren’t confident in offering solutions to fit their specific needs. With a 10-20% discount in place, they are also designed to save you money, and introduce you a whole community of like-minded oil lovers via the #livelovedoTERRA hashtag.

Q: Why do we have a hashtag, and how can I connect with the doTERRA Wellness Box community?

A: To connect a community of like-minded oil lovers, we will be encouraging Wellness Box purchasers to share their experiences, tips and advice by posting and hash-tagging their photos, videos and comments with #livelovedoTERRA. Share a quick ‘unboxing’ video and you never know – you may find yourself featured on the doTERRA main page, or rewarded with a bonus gift oil for your experience! 

Q: Can I order a ‘Wellness Box’ on a standard order? 

A: No, Wellness Boxes are LRP only packs, and therefore may not be purchased as a part of an enrolment, standard or retail order.

Q: Do I need to add at least one other item to my LRP order in conjunction with the Wellness Box to have it processed correctly?

A: No, you don't need to add another item to your LRP order. You will be able to process the order now with just the Wellness Box.

Q: Are Wellness Boxes Limited Time Only specials?

A: The Wellness Box is not an LTO offer, they are an ongoing kit which you can save on your LRP template.
Q: How often do you launch a new Wellness Box?

A: There will be boxes with needs-specific themes released every month or two throughout 2019.

Q: Can the Wellness Box be added to my LRP template?

A: Yes, the Wellness Box can be added to your LRP template that means - no thinking, just enjoying!


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