Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond!

 Tracey Fry and Joanne Ling


Initially we were simply looking for something to add to our cooking – Tracey literally wanted to make peppermint chocolate, but wanted the peppermint to be pure (nothing synthetic) which was really hard to find. After some Googling, doTERRA kept popping up as top quality and as food grade.

Our first reaction was “wow, these are strong!” – 10 drops of Wild Orange in a raw slice is way too much… Just saying, lol. Once we got the quantities right in our food, we thought they tasted amazing, unfortunately the rest of the pack went on a shelf, unused for a long time as we had no idea what to do with them.
We were definitely a product user first. We didn’t want to sell doTERRA at all. We were that silly that we had people enrolling to get 25% off, but we didn’t even have an LRP set up!! Crazy we know, but we just didn’t want anything to do with the business side.
It was after Jo decided to pick up the ‘other’ bottles of oils we had from our kit, and use the Easy Air on her daughter who was having some respiratory issues one night. She noticed a big difference with her daughter and thought “is this just a coincidence??” Being very skeptical, we decided to start using our essential oils and made the decision to use them to their ability and see what happens. We, of course, fell in love and then decided to start sharing these with our audience.
Don’t compare yourselves to others – ever! Comparatists is a real thing, but it will drive you crazy. It will stop you from achieving your goals and won’t allow you to focus. 
We would also say, stay true to yourself, follow your own dreams and set your goals. Vision yourself at your goal and work towards it with laser vision. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do anything. We can all do what we want to do, sometimes we just have to work hard to get there.
We have very supportive husbands, who help us out when we need them to. We plan online events after bedtimes or during the day when they are at school. We program our diary to suit our needs but it is hard at times, just like anything we do in life, it comes with its own challenges.
Our style is a little different, due to the online nature of our business. Most of our sharing is done online, via social media and we have an automated email series set in place, directing new enrollments through everything they need to know in the first 14 days. We do a follow up phone call within the first 14 days and welcome them also. We have a Facebook Group set up for our team builders and another Facebook group for general users, both these groups are very active and create lots of discussions around the oils. 
Our why is to live as additive free as possible. This started with food, but, over time, moved onto cleaning and body products. Our motivation is our families – allowing them to live in a home free from as many toxins as possible and to be the best version of us as we can.
Share from the heart, share with passion, share with love and share as often as you can. We highlight the Fast Start payment and the Power of Three bonus mostly. We do touch on UniLevel but sometimes this is confusing when you’re first starting out so it’s a bit of a step by step process.  We love the fact there is no minimum monthly orders and there is no hidden fine print. You have the ability to join the Loyalty Rewards Program and join an amazing team culture.
We honestly believe that if every home, in the world had essential oils, what a different world it would be. The ability to be able to do this is what motivates us. We must also be honest, and doTERRA’s compensation plan also motivates us. We do want to provide financial security for our families.

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