Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond!

Kim & Rob Reid


The Reality of Follow-Ups


“Follow up is key. I make sure to contact anyone that has expressed interest in the products, hosting classes, or the business until I get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no thanks.’ People are busy and often need reminding.”

“Follow ups shouldn't be about the sale, but rather about how the person can be supported to move forward. Sometimes people are not ready, and it’s important to lovingly meet them where they are.”
“So many people get concerned about being pushy and don't follow up, but people need to be reminded and supported. Usually it takes a number of times contacting people before they are ready commit.” 
“This business is an incredible opportunity for anyone that is willing to put in the work. I will continue to share the business opportunity with others as I feel I have a responsibility to support people that are feeling stuck in the 9 to 5 and want the freedom to spend more time with their family.”
“When I share the doTERRA business opportunity with others, I always speak about the integrity of the company—the CPTG® protocol, Co-Impact Sourcing, and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™. The heart of this company is unlike any other direct sales company.”

A New Way of Life

Kimberley Reid was working in an executive position managing early childhood centers when she began looking for a more flexible and family-friendly work opportunity. She hoped to find a business that would allow her to work for herself and travel with her family. Knowing that network marketing could open those doors for her, Kimberley started to search for a company of integrity that aligned with her natural wellness values. When researching on the Internet, she came across doTERRA and knew instantly it was the company for her. 
The emphasis doTERRA placed on the quality and purity of their essential oils along with the safe use of products for the whole family truly stood out to Kimberley. She says, “After I tried my first two samples, I had instant results with my family—namely, my son’s concentration in school and my daughter’s health. I knew that if the results were so instant for the two oils I tried, the rest could be life changing. I was right!”
Since starting her business, Kimberley and her family have experienced significant life changes that have given them the freedom to live their lives exactly how they want. She explains, “We have been able to travel the country for six months along the coast, and my husband has been able to resign from his high pressure job and work part time doing what he loves. My husband and I are more present with our children and never miss out on their important events. I have also partnered in this business with some of my best friends and my family and have made new friends that I love dearly. Freedom, travel, and friendships—I would be crazy not to tell everyone how incredible this business is.” 
From the very beginning, Kimberley had her sights set on reaching Diamond, but now, she has a new vision in mind. She says, “Now that I have reached Presidential Diamond my goals are no longer just about my family and what it can provide us. What drives me to keep going is being able to inspire others to do the same and giving back.”
Kimberley is helping this vision come to life by continuing to spread the health benefits of essential oils with those in need and showing how the compensation plan can give financial freedom. She also works consistently with her team to support them in their goals and celebrate their successes so that they too can experience a more abundant life. She encourages those around her to “keep sharing those beautiful oils with passion and with a goal of helping as many people as possible. As long as you don't stop, you will eventually reach Diamond.”

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