Congratulations on reaching Presidential Diamond!

Jazze Jervis


Lawyer, self-proclaimed slave to her inbox, mum, wife to a professional athlete and serial mover (5 houses in 3 years); it’s safe to say that doTERRA’s Australia’s newest Presidential Diamond Jazze Jervis was busy with a capital B.

It’s no surprise then that her decision to hang up the heels and pursue a doTERRA career was driven by her need to simplify and calm her life. “Before I signed up to be a Wellness Advocate, I was pretty sceptical about the whole essential oil thing. I mean they’re just oils right?!” Said Jazze, “But for me, introducing doTERRA into my home was a bit of a wakeup call. I was sick, stressed and I wasn’t living in alignment with my values. I had too much overwhelm, too many chemicals in my home and not enough time to do what I enjoyed.” Says Jazze, “so, what began as a love for sharing and selling essential oils, transformed into a community for women who are excited to learn how to regain control of their time, health and happiness.”

Today, she’s at the helm of her doTERRA community, a community of women known as "Change Seekers". To them, Change Seekers means being set apart. Being willing to stand up for what may not necessarily be the mainstream way of doing things. Seeking change, asking questions and being willing to live that out every single day! For Jazze, it all starts with them, with her Change Seekers, who are looking for more joy, ease, and a better way than the same way they'd always done because it was what everyone else did.

In July 2020, Jazze’s community of change seekers collectively welcomed another 300 customers into the fold, which saw 99 leaders within her team rank advance with her. “I am so incredibly proud of these women! You cannot achieve Presidential Diamond solo, and to see so many women rise up and empower others with the power of essential oils and the healthy lifestyle that follows, is quite humbling.” Said Jazze.

Today, Jazze continues to passionately support and inspire her community while living in Northern NSW along with daughter Clementine and husband Tom.

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