Loyalty Rewards Program FAQs


PV (Personal Volume) and points are not the same thing. Each product is assigned PV. This PV is then used each month to qualify for commissions, rank, and promotions among other things. You will earn a certain percent of that PV back in reward points that can then be redeemed for free product.
Percentages and points are added on the 15-20 of the month after the orders are placed. So in April, Dylan would receive seven points for his March order..
Points expire after 12 months. This is a rolling date from when the points are issued into your account.
Points are added to your account after commissions have run. This means you can expect to see your points after the 15th of the month, before the end of the month.
Most but not all products have a point value. Any Limited Time Offer (LTO) or BOGO cannot be purchased on points. Additionally, new products usually cannot be purchased on points until they have been available for about a year. Each product has a points value attributed to it – you can find these on the Point Redemption Form which is available on the website. Please note that the points value of the product is not the same as the personal volume or PV. For example, Ylang Ylang is 39.50 PV and you can redeem it using 43 points.
The number of points you earn depends on your rewards points percentage The maximum amount of points you can receive is 30% of the accumulative PV value of the LRP order each month
When you log into Virtual Office and display your dashboard, you can see how many points you currently have, and what your LRP percentage is, by looking at the top left hand corner.


In terms of price there is no difference between a Loyalty rewards Order and a Standard Order. A Loyalty rewards order rewards you with product points you can redeem for free product in your next order. The longer you remain on the LRP the more points you can earn.
No. The LRP is optional - however, if you want to maintain your reward percentage and LRP reward points, you must place an order every month. If you cancel your LRP, you need to start again at 10%.
Yes, we will add up the total PV value of your LRP orders throughout each of the months in the qualifying period, including all NFR orders and you will receive points based on the total PV.
Yes, we will add up the total PV value of your LRP orders throughout each of the months in the qualifying period and you will receive points based on the total PV.
You can add items at any time while placing an order. You can add items by:
  1. Browsing through the "Shop" tab on the Products. Select "Add" under the item and to add it to your cart.
  2. Use the "Search" bar in the "Shop" tab to find products, which you can then "Add" to your cart.
  3. Use the "Quick Add to Cart" function in your Shopping Cart. Select the items you wish to add.

*Click HERE for instructions on how to Edit your Loyalty Rewards Order

You can delete items by going into your Shopping Cart.
  1. Go into your "Shop" tab and select "Review Cart."If you want to edit an LRP, go to "Scheduled LRP Orders" on your "Shop" tab and select your LRP template number.
  2. In your LRP template, find the item you want to delete and select the "Trash" icon that's next to it.


To earn the Free Product of the Month, you need to make sure that your single Loyalty Rewards order of 125PV or more is processed by the 15th of the month. When your order is paced, the free product of the month will be automatically added to your cart and shipped to you in your order.
There are certain criteria that need to be met to redeem free product. To learn more about point restrictions, see Section 11.9 of the doTERRA Policy Manual.
This can include:
  • Reward Points are awarded to your account between the 15–20 of the month following the order.
  • Points cannot be used toward shipping costs, fees, renewals, limited time offers, or items without PV.
  • Points are applied to individual items, not to the order total.
  • Enough points must be available to cover the full dollar amount of an item.
  • Individual products cannot be purchased using a combination of points and money.
  • A $3.00 redemption fee is added to any order on which points are used


Enjoy FREE shipping on all Australian and New Zealand Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) orders of 100PV or more. ​
Find out more about Free Shipping HERE.
An order is considered "online" when it is placed by a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer through their online account and remains untouched by a Member Services agent.


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