Sara Gordon


Sara Gordon is a doTERRA Australia Platinum Leader who is a passionate learner and driven by her desire to continue expanding her knowledge of essential oils and natural health solutions. Sara dedicates her time to learning about the oils, researches their benefits and experiences the power of the products herself whilst integrating them into her family home and educating her team. 

Sara was first introduced to doTERRA when she found herself at breaking point due to her baby not sleeping for the first 12 months. “I googled for “natural sleep solutions” and someone recommended doTERRA essential oils. I found my lovely upline and I bought the Home Essentials kit hoping I would be able to assist our little family. The first night we used Lavender & Frankincense essential oils, was the first night my little boy slept through the night! I used oils as a customer for nearly a year before I dived into doing the business!”

“For me the biggest learning into the products is the versatility. You can buy a bottle of Lemon essential oil and you can remove a mark on your wall with it, clean your glass with it, use it for refreshing the air or use it in the diffuser! It honestly astounds my mind, that many uses we have for oils and their products in our homes every day”.  

“From the beginning of my business and through each new rank, my focus has always been on; educating my community so they know how to use the products, making sure I am consistent with offering a learning team environment across the board and building trust. I found the answer was showing up with consistency each day to answer questions, to plan on going monthly education and to show I am always willing and wanting to educate myself further so that I could then share that with my team. My magical moments have always been in the daily connection I am able to make with my community”.

Sara shares two major ideas that she has let go of which has helped her mindset and the growth of her business. “I think when we first start sharing our love for these products it is easy to get caught up in “what will people think of me” however I can honestly say that if you stay true to your experiences, share honestly and openly what you are doing and why you love this lifestyle change – the right people will connect with you. Along the way I became so deeply connected with my message and the truth behind it, that I forgot to worry about what other people were thinking of me and I just enjoyed it. I also remember feeling fearful that I may not “know enough” but now 2.5 years into my business journey I have realised that I still learn something new every day. If I had let fear of the unknown stop me, I would not be here with this amazing community today. As you start to share, people will ask you questions; go find the answers each time and before you know it you will have learnt much more than you could have ever hoped”

“I am motivated by the sense of responsibility I feel to the people who started their oil journey with me – it's not something I take lightly. I want my customers to be using their essential oils, to feel empowered in their homes and to be part of a community that is full of education and support. I genuinely love what I do, it’s the best job in the world and I have been able to do it whilst being a stay at home mum – I don’t know other businesses that can work around motherhood like this, and it’s such a privilege”.

Sara’s favourite products: 

  • On Guard Cleaner Concentrate; it’s affordable, effective and it allows us to swap out a multitude of cleansers and home products so simply and effortlessly.
  • The Life Long Vitality Supplements; When I started taking these, they took me from tired and emotional mum to someone who felt calmer, had better skin and nails, more even cycles and overall better energy levels. 
  • Salubelle; Was my first experience of essential oil beauty products and it changed my skin so much. I use it every day either in a DIY serum or as a roller on my face and have done for nearly three years. It also became a firm favourite blend to make belly butter with when I was pregnant and postpartum!

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