Eleanor Ozich


Eleanor Ozich is a Gold doTERRA New Zealand Leader who was first introduced to doTERRA through her friend Hannah after she invited her to a casual evening workshop. “I still remember that experience so vividly, and the first time I inhaled the oils and how different they were to anything I have smelt before. A week later I received my first Home Essentials Kit, and the rest is history! These gorgeous essential oils really did weave their way into my life pretty quickly after that. Hannah and I had previously owned a wholefoods café together, and I’m so glad we’ve been able to work together again in a different capacity. I’m forever grateful that she introduced me to doTERRA, and in particular, the business opportunity!”

Eleanor loves the simplicity of how the oils make her feel, at each and every moment. “Being a cookbook author and lover of healthy, vibrant food, I’ve always had a strong sense of smell, and I love how instantaneous the aromatic experience can be. Cracking open the lid of an essential oil and taking a moment to inhale its scent is possibly the easiest way to uplift or soothe the soul”.

“I’m also drawn to the heart of the company, and how committed doTERRA is to making a difference in the livelihoods of the communities where the oils are sourced from”.

“The month I decided to go for Gold, I remember picking the exact date I was going to reach it, and created a crystal clear plan of what I needed to do each day to get there. I also knew that I had been sitting in my comfort zone for quite some time, and needed to stretch and grow myself to take things to the next level.”

Eleanor’s approach to motivation is one that adopts long-term thinking mindset over fleeting motivation moments. “One day you might feel incredibly driven and as though you are heading in the right direction, the next you might encounter a difficult or uncomfortable situation, or often at times, a series of them. This is when motivation disappears, and long-term thinking must kick in.

In order to adopt a long-term thinking mindset, I believe it’s essential to create small, yet powerful daily habits and disciplines, rather than focusing on motivation. These daily habits are what keep you feeling steady, and build a strong sense of trust within yourself. 

For me this includes exercise, a wholefood diet, my faith and being very structured with my time. I’m also a mum of three, and juggle other writing work, therefore these daily disciplines are actually what help me to create a sense of balance and freedom while running my business”.  

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