Winnie Chen


Winnie Chen is doTERRA Australia’s first Taiwanese Diamond Leader. Winnie was first introduced to doTERRA when she looking for ways to take care of her family’s wellbeing.

“One of my friends gave me an essential oil roller bottle to try and a few weeks later, I was invited to attend her doTERRA class. Shortly after, I became a Wellness Advocate and the first kit to begin my essential oil journey was the doTERRA Home Essentials Kit!” 

The biggest learning and insight into the products that Winnie experienced was the impact the essential oils had on her culture and her relationships. “A lot of the Taiwanese/Chinese people I know are more on the conservative side. We sometimes do not express our feelings so openly, however, my own personal experience I have had with essential oils has helped me to improve my relationship with my own family”

The key to Winnie achieving the rank of Diamond was the immense involvement she had working with her team. “I built my team with 12 elite leaders and helped them set up their own teams. I assisted them with running their classes and sharing the essential oils. We have weekly online meetings and regular face to face meetings. I try my best to understand what they need and to overcome the difficulties they face, and most importantly, to walk alongside them through their essential oil journey”.

“Essential oils and love are two of the greatest gifts from doTERRA. When we share oils, it is also spreading our love. I never thought ‘I am selling the oils’. Instead I choose to see it as having the heart to share the good stuff and to show my care and concern. When people feel it, they will be open to connecting with me. I believe that ‘truth and love will make you shine’ when it comes to essential oils”. 

“I feel so motivated and touched when I hear positive feedback from my members! Better emotional support and stronger family units are some of the great words of encouragement and positive changes I have witnessed. Seeing their smile is the greatest reward to me. I know this is my calling to continually share the love of the oils”.

Patchouli essential oil is my favourite product, I love the smell of it. The earthy aroma always brings me feelings of calm and peace. I diffuse Patchouli every night after sending the kids to bed. It helps me clear my mind and gest me in the right headspace. DigestZen® Essential Oil Blend is also another favourite. I find DigestZen has a soothing aroma when applied topically and I love to use it daily!”

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