Congratulations on Reaching Double Diamond

 Jessie Reimers


How to Get Started

  •  Just Share “Get a Class in a Box Kit, dive in, and start sharing the oils. Don’t feel like you need to know everything there is to know before you start sharing.”
  • Change Lives “Get out there and change lives. Then help the people you share with change lives by helping them run classes as quickly as possible while excitement is high.”
  • Start Small “Even if you just start with two or three people in your home, those three people will open you up to others and it will spread.”
  • Do the Twos “Do your two contacts a day, two follow-ups a day, and two classes or one-on-ones a week at minimum.” 
  • Create It “Stay accountable, create a vision board, and have a daily checklist to keep you on track. Understand that if you want this, it’s up to you to create it.”
  • Have a Why “Understand why you want to do this and never give up, even when it seems like it’s not getting anywhere. All of a sudden, it will start to snowball.”
“To be abundant, you must help others create abundance.” 
“This is a viral, strong business, held together with passion and excitement for these little bottles of brilliance.” 
“You become a leader by being a leader people want to follow, long before you’re recognised as a leader in doTERRA.” 

Create Abundance 

One of Jessie Reimer’s followers on social media offered to send her some doTERRA samples, telling her that she would love them. Jessie didn’t know much about essential oils, but she agreed to “give them a go.” She says, “My first impression was they were so much more than smelly stuff.” She tried them on her children and found them to be very effective, and before long she was using them daily. “I knew that people everywhere needed this in their lives and that I could provide that and share the message.” 
Jessie was quickly fully onboard with the business. She says, “I knew I could set myself up for abundance and help others achieve it as well. I jumped at the chance.” 
She is driven to help change the lives of those around her, especially her team. Jessie says her team members have become her best friends. “It’s not all about oils and business when I talk to them, but actually about connecting and having an incredibly close relationship and bond with them. I always know what’s going on with them personally so I know how to support them as both a friend and a leader.” 
Jessie knows it’s important to help her team members become leaders themselves, so she tries to help them develop the tools they need to be independent. “When they come to me with problems, I ask them what they think the resolution is, and often they know themselves. I like to listen and learn from them as much as I teach them. I’m open to their suggestions, I tell them the qualities I see in them, and I’m excited for them and celebrate with them when they achieve their goals. I also offer my hand to help them pick themselves up and keep going when they miss.” 
Jessie is the youngest Presidential Diamond Leader.  She had the goal to be able to solely and comfortably financially support her family as quickly as possible. She gets emotional just thinking about how different their lives are now. She says, “We can actually afford rent and food at the same time. We just bought a new car instead of driving a beat up old one that was in constant risk of breaking down. We are soon to buy our first house, something we never imagined possible and certainly not this quickly. We can actually take family holidays, buy school supplies, and pay bills without any financial stress or worry. Not to mention the personal growth and development, the friendships we have created, and the lives that have been changed with these oils. It is truly amazing.”  

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