Business Updates

Service Disruption - Flooding- East-West Corridor (Rail)

We have just been notified that there is a major track closure due to severe flooding.  At this stage the rail authorities do not have a date as to when the track will reopen.  As a result Consignments due to leave via rail on Friday will now be switched to Road Transport into Perth. This may result in dispatch delays from our Perth Warehouse.

We are working with our Transport providers to get our Consignments to Perth as quickly as possible.

Melbourne Warehouse

We wanted to keep you informed that our Melbourne Warehouse is currently enduring delays due to Covid related restrictions. As a result, the Warehouse has a backlog of dispatching orders, of up to 4 days. They are working on various solutions to get all of the orders out, where they anticipate that they will be caught up by the end of the week. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times. Please note that these delays affect the Melbourne Warehouse only.

Will Call Update

In light of the ever-evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we’ve been closely monitoring this in real-time based on the advice of the World Health Organisation and Australia’s Chief Medical Officer and reviewing our approach regularly.

With this in mind, we have implemented some further precautionary measures, these include;

  • Will Call will be unavailable for collecting your order. This means you will still be able order your product from the warehouse and collect shipping points.
  • Member Services will be available via phone, chat and email to respond to any queries you have. Please follow this link for our AUS Member Services contact information.

It goes without saying that we remain absolutely committed to doing everything we can to put the health and safety of our doTERRA community first. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Member Services team.

Warehouse Operations 2021/2022

Last Orders shipped -  Friday 31 Dec 2021
Public holiday - Monday 03 Jan 2022 (Aus)
Stock take prep - Tuesday 04 Jan 2022 (Public holiday in NZ)
Count - Wednesday 05 Jan 2022
Count - Thursday 06 Jan 2022
Count and Finalise - Friday 07 Jan 2022
First Orders out either 07 Jan 22 on Monday 10 Jan 2022

Delivery Updates

Please take a minute to hear from Luke Goss, our General Manager here at doTERRA AUNZ as he shares some not-so-inspiring news about the issues currently facing our global supply chains. Be patient and plan ahead – very good advice Luke!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on logistics both domestically and internationally. We are now bracing for unprecedented delays in both shipments and deliveries. 

In an effort to keep our community updated, we have included below, some of the issues that have come to our attention. Due to the extent of this problem, we expect ongoing disruption to your deliveries and anticipate delays will not be resolved in the short term. 

For this reason, we are currently investigating how to better supply you with updates and access to the information you’ll need to keep yourself and your communities informed over the coming months. 

LOGISTICS UPDATE - Current 13 January 2022


COVID Impacting Deliveries 

We will see the impact of Isolation requirements on delivery of services. Shortages of truck drivers having the most manifest impact. It is also impacting container terminals, airports and unpack depots; in fact any and every sector. This will undoubtedly slow delivery into our warehouses.


LOGISTICS UPDATE - Current 5 January 2022

  • DP World Melbourne are facing delays due to late arriving vessels from Sydney due to recent Sydney weather and Christmas and New Year Holiday Break.  (DP World's Melbourne terminal is located in the Port of Melbourne, Australasia’s largest maritime hub for containerised, automotive, and general cargo)
  • Due to increased COVID testing terminals are facing labour shortages which is impacting vessel operations.
  • Patrick Melbourne is facing severe congestion and delays due to vessel bunching and general go slow by labour resulting in 10 -12 days of delays and Christmas Holiday & New year Break.
  • Average delays at VICT now approximately 5 days.
  • Covid testing and surging positive cases are putting immense pressure on labour procurement and additional delays are now being experienced.

LOGISTICS UPDATE - Current 8 December 2021

  • Global Shortage of urea. This could inadvertently force many of Australia’s trucks off the road, as urea is injected into the exhaust systems of modern diesel vehicles to reduce emissions.

  • Long Beach and Los Angeles Port have 96 ships waiting offshore, there were 31 ships at container terminals bringing the grand total of ships up to 127 – an all time record

  • Qantas has announced that it will convert two Airbus A330-200 medium widebody passenger aircraft into pure freighters to support growing cargo volumes. 

LOGISTICS UPDATE - Current 1 December 2021


  • Industrial Action at Melbourne Port continues to play further havoc with Vessel Schedules.
  • Vessel delays between 1 – 4 days and 6-13 days for vessels that are already delayed on off the berthing window due to COVID cases.
  • Patrick continues to work with reduced labour availability due to COVID isolation requirements for close contacts.

New Zealand

  • In Auckland, restrictions are now at under Alert level 3 – step 2. The rest of New Zealand is at alert level 2.
  • Additional cleaning is being imposed after every shift change. This hampers the ability of the port to maximize vessel.

NZ AIRFREIGHT - Current 24 November 2021

Forwarders in New Zealand are dealing with the “worst-ever” peak season for air cargo capacity

Strict Covid policies have seen the country’s borders closed to nearly all travellers since March 2020, with the lack of a re-opening plan exasperating the aviation industry. 

 “New Zealand continues to lose vital air links ,due to the uncertainty over the border, putting more pressure on our supply chain”

LOGISTICS UPDATE - Current 22 November 2021

Heavy Backlog at Major US Airports

Some major airports across the US are facing heavy backlogs and ground handling delays. The situation is critical due to lack of ground handling warehouse space, operations personnel resources and the limitation of cargo screening mostly conducted using the canine handling method. Please see below list of current ground handling delays:

  • New York JFK: Approximately 4 weeks delay.
  • Los Angeles LAX: Approximately 1 week delay.
  • Atlanta/Dallas ATL/DFW: 2 - 5 days delay.
  • Chicago and Miami ORD/MIA: No current delays.

GLOBAL LOGISTICS UPDATE - Current 27 October 2021

Melbourne Port

  • Covid cases are increasing in Melbourne putting pressure on terminal labour procurement at all terminals .
  • Tug Strike action on October 28th at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


  • With Borders Opening on 01 Nov, the return of Passenger Aircraft will increase airfreight capacity which will improve airfreight  availability, timeliness and eventually price.

Los Angeles / Long Beach congestion update

  • Ships waiting offshore dipping to the high 50’s; this has now increased to over 100 ships, either at anchor or alongside, containing over 500,000 TEU, or an estimated US$22 billion worth of cargo.  There are simply too many vessels arriving with too much cargo for terminals, trucks, trains, and warehouses to handle
  • The current wait or dwell time for a ship to wait at anchor is at an all time high of 13 days, up 65% from the beginning of September.


Melbourne Port

  • VICT( Victoria International Container Terminal) have been hit with fresh COVID cases which have impacted operations and large delays and slow operation ongoing
  • Patrick terminal Melbourne have also had Covid case related delays

New Zealand

  • Services ex Port of Tauranga to Metroport Auckland are still extremely congested. As more liner operators choose to alter vessel rotations / schedules, inevitably berthing slots are missed and affected vessels are queued waiting for the next available slot. At any given time, there are upwards of 10 -15 vessels at anchor waiting to work alongside the terminal with a constant stream of containers needing to be railed to Auckland Metroport
  • Currently priority containers are taking approximately 3 - 4 days and general bookings 10 – 14 days (to clear)

No improvements on the Tasman with continued vessel delays and frequent port cancellations or changes in rotation. The effect of this being continued congestion and shortages of equipment and space while cargo is rolled to the following service. All carriers are advising limited space available from Australia to NZ, and export services back to Australia are also under severe pressure. Rates are still trending higher while space remains at a premium, we are not expecting this situation to improve until 2022.


  • Ports throughout Asia and the US remain heavily congested. Presently, trans-shipment hubs are facing 3-4 week delays. Port congestion is unlikely to ease until February/March 2022.
  • Limited space on aircraft is impacting freight availability, with an associated spike in pricing.
  • Both American Airlines and Qantas have cancelled their daily service to Australia. This is also impacting capacity and cost. Daily flights are due to resume this November.  
  • Carrier reliability is down 30.1% from August 2020 to August 2021. The average delay for vessel arrivals also continues to deteriorate, increasing by 0.58 days month on month to 7.57 days in August, 2021. 
  • The Chinese Government has imposed power cuts on at least 10 Chinese provinces. This will impact  China’s busiest Ports including Jiangsu, Guangdong and Zhejiang. Any drop shipments from China will be impacted.


  • Covid-19 has recently hit terminals across Sydney and Melbourne, with the Victorian ocean freight terminal only resuming operations on the 25th of September after four staff were infected.  
  • Port strikes across the country, threaten to cripple imports and put further strain on supply chains in the middle of state lockdowns. The Maritime Union of Australia has escalated already damaging industrial action notifying wharf workers will strike every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Melbourne for the whole of October. The strike will disrupt Melbourne and Sydney ports already experiencing unpredictable shutdowns caused by coronavirus.   
  • To ease stress on the system to a safe and manageable level, Australia Post has once again paused pick-ups from retailers from Friday 01 October to Wednesday 06 October.  This will create further backlogs in shipments. 


doTERRA Australia Warehouse

  • Our Melbourne warehouse has been working under COVID-19 restrictions and has therefore been under resourced for as long as Melbourne has been in lockdown.
  • The recent pause in Australia Post pick-ups from Friday 01 October to Wednesday 06 October will create further backlogs for those waiting to get their orders out of our Melbourne warehouse. 

doTERRA New Zealand Warehouse

  • Our New Zealand warehouse is still struggling with resourcing due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • New Zealand Post has reported a significant increase in parcels in and out of Auckland. This, combined with COVID-19 operating restrictions will result in up to 5 working days’ delay.


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